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Guidelines & Policies

Please read through these guidelines, rules and policies in their entirety before joining the Academy. All Academy members are required to abide by these guidelines, and exceptions will not be made based on not having read them.

What’s On This Page:

One of your responsibilities is to take care of your membership. When you sign up for membership, it is a recurring one: i.e. a year after you sign up, you will be automatically charged again for another year’s access.

If you decide you do not wish to continue your membership, you must make sure you cancel your recurring membership. Instructions on how to cancel your membership are provided within the Academy.

The Amazing Biz and Life Academy is a POSITIVE, JOYFUL space that is here to empower every person who is here.

And I’m gonna be real here: if you don’t add to that positivity, you’re not welcome to participate in the masterminds or forums.

Here’s How To Turn Up + Give It Your Best:

  • No harassment of any sort will be tolerated
  • Derogatory comments or slurs are absoloodely not tolerated
  • You are free to be a swear bear and curse like a sailor, but any harsh language directed AT any one else will be grounds for dismissal
  • No abusive or disrespectful behaviour to myself, my team or the Academy Guides is acceptable at all. If you have any concerns or questions of course it’s fine to ask – but do it kindly and respectfully. It’s what the Academy is built on!

If you’d like to know more about speaking kindly, respectfully and compassionately, I recommend reading What We Say Matters: Practicing Nonviolent Communication.

What Happens If You Don’t:

We have a zero tolerance policy for bullshit. If you aren’t kind or respectful, you will be banned with no warning. No refund will be provided.

You are responsible for your experience here.

The Academy is one of the most positive, friendly membership places on the planet and has had a long history of being drama-free and love-filled. We will be keeping it that way!

Ask for what you want

If you are wanting to share, and just be *listened* to, without advice back, say so. If you are wanting to hear other peep’s wisdom, experience and advice, say so. Ask for what you want, and listen to what other’s want. And forgive each other when we forget to, mmmkay?

Attending Academy with clear energy

Whilst this isn’t a face-to-face Academy, it is still an energetic circle. This is a place to play, and share, and grow, and learn, and have fun. It is also sacred space – a place to experience deep connection with otherselves, ourselves and with spirit. As with all sacred spaces, I ask for you to attend with clear energy. This means – please do not take drugs or alcohol before jumping on board.

Why do I ask this? Drugs & alcohol do not blend well with sacred space. They shift and un-centre your energy, and don’t help with grounding. Please respect the energy of the Academy and of the other souls in it by coming with clear energy.

Unconditional Acceptance

The forums may be an online message board – yes. But that is just the surface. Beneath it all, the Academy is sacred space – a place for souls to come, connect, see the divine in others and experience in the divine in themselves. I know that miscommunications can happen – especially over electronic medium. What I am asking you to do is find the place inside yourself that loves and accepts yourself and others unconditionally. The most Wise soul in this world is one who is Kind and Happy. This is a place to foster compassion, love and aware connections.

Everything shared in the Academy is confidential. That’s the ONLY way that masterminds can become the extremely useful, powerful + abundant tool.

Reprinting, reposting, using, or sharing about anyone else’s sharings or content outside of the Academy is strictly prohibited unless you have their express written permission.

This is so all members feel absolutely safe in sharing deeply and honestly about our lives and businesses in the Academy.

Masterminds and circles are extremely powerful in allowing us to develop new connections, surround ourselves with like-minded souls and stay centered on what it is we want to create. My intention is for this to be an amazing space to share deeply and truthfully. When we treat this space as the sacred space that it is, it will grow in power, strength and spirit.

A note about privacy

Your Content Is Private & Only Viewable By Academy Members.

All content at the Academy is private and can be viewed only by registered members. None of the content at the Academy is indexed by or searchable through any search engine. The general public cannot see what you post here. Only registered Academy members can view your content!

Obviously, it’s not okaysies to post any kind of illegal content at the Academy (whether it’s porn, spam or pirated material). That’s all stuff for the rest of the internet, not the Amazing Bix + Life Academy.

All course materials are © Leonie Dawson International Pty Ltd. It is absolutely not okay to let others use your course materials, or to share them or any part of them with anyone else, or to sell them or any part of them in any way.

If you are found to be infringing on my copyright, your membership will be immediately cancelled without warning or refund.

I gets it. You’ve got a beautiful business you’re passionate about.

And it’s absolutely okay for you to share about that here.

But we’ve got guidelines and restrictions in place to make sure this remains a wonderful positive community of interaction (and not just a noticeboard for businesses!)

Here’s some guidelines for you to follow:

1. No spamming

Post about your business offerings in the forum that’s been created expressly for that – the Marketplace. Don’t be promoting all the time. Don’t copy and paste the same message to put in every forum or to greet others. Interact, share your gifts, and get known by being the star you are – not constant promotions. It’s far more elegant (and way more compelling that way!)

2. No Multi Level Marketing

Don’t promote anything that’s not YOUR business with offerings YOU have created.

3. No affiliate promotions

Again: Don’t promote anything that’s not YOUR business with offerings YOU have created.

4. No reselling of Leonie’s products or artwork

Not okaysies.

5. No reselling of any materials that you did not create

Let’s keep this space interesting and creative, unique and authentic by just sharing about what YOU create in the world.

6. No solicitations for donations or investments

Requests for donations or investments, whether for business or personal use, are not permitted.

Here’s what happens if you don’t follow the guidelines + rules:

For minor infringements, you’ll receive one warning.

If you’re a repeat offender, you will be banned immediately without refund.

For a violation or infringement deemed to be more than minor, you will be banned immediately without refund.

The management of Leonie Dawson International Pty Ltd will be the sole arbiter in determining what constitutes a violation or infringement. All decisions are final.

There are no refunds for Academy memberships.

I pour everything I can into the Academy. Even if you don’t end up using the forums, you still get to keep & use over and over again over $3500 of my pride-and-joy products. It’s amaaaazing value, and I really wholeheartedly believe & know you’d be hard pressed to find as much content, love and powerful tools packed into a $497 package.

The Academy WILL change. It is an evolving, transforming resource and community. It will not stay the same. Forums will be added or closed as they need to be. Different resources will be added or reduced as needed. This is very much a wonderland of goodness, and just like any garden will be pruned, replanted and tended to so it may bloom the best.

Sometimes in order to bring new, wonderful things into the world, old things that are no longer as needed must be cleared away. I always do this with the intention of creating the very best training programs and resource for you.