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Double Your Biz Intensive Program

Want to know my intensive system for doubling (or even tripling!) my business in size each year? Double Your Biz gives you nitty-gritty, practical actions to start taking right now to grow your business. You’ll learn how to boost your sales, grow a wildly loyal tribe, have maximum impact with minimum effort and reach even more people in your business. It’s time to double your income, double your reach, double your joy! More info…

Business Goddess E-Course (valued at $79)

A complete guide–over 190 pages!!–for how to make money online, the blueprint of how I did it, 100+ ways to market magically, mindfully & joyously, and how to sane & joyful when business gets BUSY! And bonuses too: profiles of business gods & goddesses, becoming a business goddess workbook, & the Magic Money Maker kit! More info…

How To Hire, Grow + Keep A Shining Six Figure Team (valued at $150)

At a certain point, you’ll become the bottleneck in your business – you’re not able to grow your business because you are out of time, energy + sanity. It’s so, so deeply important you find the right people to support you on your team. I’m going to share with you all the exact details about when to hire, who to hire, how to hire without making mistakes, how to develop + grow your team so they become truly exceptional + how to keep them forever. And you know I’m an open book, so I’ll share with you the intimate details that many other business owners won’t – all for the purpose of helping you grow your own beautiful business as quickly + joyfully as possible. This guide will help you create an amazing team, supercharge your business growth + bring you so much more joy, love + support into your life. More info…

Radiant Goddess E-Course (valued at $89)

A 21-day nutrition, movement & meditation journey to revitalise your body, mind & soul! You’ll be guided by gorgeous menu plans, movement plans, spirit + inspiration projects, and meditations to guide you as you reawaken your Radiant Goddess self. This is perfect if you’re ready to be moving, meditating, eating & discovering in a joyful, spirited goddess way. Ready to feel blissed out, inspired & radiant? More info…

Creative Goddess E-Course (valued at $89)

A six-week guided journey to discover the Creative Goddess in you! This e-course is both practical + spiritual, and will help you discover (or remember!) that you were born an artist, art can help you heal, creativity can make your spirituality bloom in new & beautiful ways, and that you really are a creative goddess. If you’re ready to remember how inspired, wise & courageous you are, this journey is for you! More info…

Create Your Goddess Haven (valued at $89)

6 weeks to creating your decluttered, sacred, nourishing haven! Are you ready to get more productive, peaceful + organised? Are you ready to clear negative, draining energy out of your space + attract more good things? Join the Create Your Goddess Haven e-course and transform your home + office into an organised, energetically cleansed, feng-shui-sorted + good-things-attracting haven! More info…


Divine Dreaming (valued at $49.95)

A meditation kit to help you get to sleep easier & have more divine dreams. This meditation will help you drift into slumber more easily, have wise + healing dreams, feel more revitalised when you awaken & have way more glorious days because your nights are so much more nourishing! More info…

Releasing Fears (valued at $49.95)

Use this meditation tolet go, be free, and shine. This meditation is powerful for whenever you’re feeling stuck, lost or down from any old pains and fears you may have. You’ll fell less stuck by your fears, stronger and clearer, and so much freer to chase your big, beautiful dreams! More info…

Chakra Healing Goddess (valued at $49.95)

Are you feeling depleted, and in need of energy? Do you want to activate spiritual, physical and emotional healing all over your body? Are you ready to experience the powerful practice of chakra healing? This meditation will guide you into a magical experience that will leave you feeling supported, inspired and joyful. A truly sacred experience. More info…

Holy Dinger Uber Deep Zennifying (valued at $24.95)

Go deep into zen goddess mode & get brilliant moments of insight. Just a moment of meditation is worth a hundred moments without – and whether you’ve got 5, 10 or 20 minutes (or more), this meditation technique can help you get totally zennified! More info…


Sacred Space Clearing (valued at $39)

Having a home that is energetically cleansed & clear is incredibly important for you + your family’s happiness, sense of peace + productivity. Our homes can often have hold energy from arguments, shock, pain, grief, and the usual residual energies that happen on a daily basis. It’s immensely important to learn how to cleanse and clear and protect your space energetically. This kit will power you with all the tools you need to make your home + office shine + help you feel reinvigorated, peaceful, productive + happy. More info…


2015 Creating Your Amazing Year Workbooks (valued at $17.90)

Filled with over 100 pages of worksheets & a printable calendar to help you dream, manifest, set your intentions, plan & cultivate your amazing new year. Lovingly handwritten & rainbow illustrated… Life AND Business Editions! Buy either one, or get them both! More info…

Creating With Kids (valued at $21)

We mamas, we need our art. And we need to include our kids in it too. And it’s different from ABF (Art Before Kids). It takes a whole new level of art skills, tools, perspectives & set-up. So Ostara & I decided to invite you around… to paint with us, to spill water & eat paint & laugh wildly & get rained on… and find out what it is to be CREATIVE MAMA GODDESSES. More info…

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