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Business Goddess e-course: Give Me 5 Weeks And I’ll Show You How To Have The Business Of Your Dreams!

Business Goddess E-Course

Stop working at uninspiring, draining jobs & have your own amazing 6 figure dream business!

Have a job doing the thing you were utterly BORN to do!

Grow your biz + income super rapidly with super smart tools + secrets!

Hola gorgeous soul!

“I want to tell you my own true story… of making NO money from my gifts to creating the six figure creative, spiritual business of my dreams!!!”

Once upon a time, I was convinced that I was supposed to be doing something different with my life. I wanted my dream job. The one I’d always dreamed of. One that was artistic and soulful and creative and made me glow.

I would sit in my cubicle, and I would doodle on yellow looseleaf paper, bored, eyes burning. One day, I wrote down on a piece of paper:

In the next 12 months, I want to make $30 000 doing what I love.

Then I tried to work out how I could do it by selling my art. The numbers didn’t add up. I had no idea how it was even possible.

But my heart longed for my dream so deeply that I decided I would make it happen. I got all crazy determined (like I do) & decided I was gunna find out the secret…

the secret of becoming a Business Goddess.

And so I DID.

That year, I made $30 000. The next year I doubled it. The next year I doubled it again.

Just a few short years later we are now moving into a half million dollar a year company (!!!) – almost 20x the goal I made just a few short years ago! And I know for the first time that I really CAN do whatever it is I want. This numbers-phobic right-brainer happy artist hippy really can be a super successful Business Goddess!!!

Using the business secrets I share in this course, I’ve managed to make SO many of my creative dreams come true AND earn a multiple six figure income from doing so!

My business has made the WORLD of difference to me, my family and the lives of the thousands of clients I have.

My husband and I were able to quit our government cubicle jobs to be stay-at-home parents to our gorgeous daughter Ostara. We were able to leave behind the alpine city + choose the place of our dreams – we bought a farm in the rainforest of tropical paradise, Australia!

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I can’t quite believe this is my job. Of helping women to shine. It’s my sweetest, most precious dream come true. I am grateful for every damn moment of it. I get to be a mama. And a creative goddess. A writer. A maker. A dream-believer. Everything I’ve ever wanted to be. My heart is full.

I’m wildly prolific + productive. All in all, I make shit HAPPEN. I’ve written + published my first book at 22, held my first art show at 23, began leading women’s circles at 23, created my first retreat at 25, launched the Amazing Biz & Life Academy (formerly known as the Goddess Circle) — a subscription-based women’s community for creatives of all kinds — at 27, and have guided thousands of women through transformational Circle experiences over the past 3 years. I’ve also released 5 e-courses, 6 meditation kits, 2 kits and 3 workbooks into the digital ether. And in my spare time, I wrote a second book which shot to the top of the Amazon best seller chart – just below “The Secret!”

I’ve created an empire around my creations and a loyal, thriving tribe: 30 000+ on my mailing list, almost 3000 members in the Amazing Biz & Life Academy + hundreds of thousands who read my blog.


I have taught alongside such luminaries as Arielle Ford, Julia Cameron, Gay Hendricks and SARK. My strategic musings and practical wisdom have been featured on Problogger, Tiny Buddha, magazines like Spellcraft, Life Images, Goddess and Spheres, and in three of SARK’s best-selling books on creative fulfillment & freedom.

I have coached tens of thousands of women to create their own incredible lives and businesses including healers, celebrities, coaches, best-selling authors, award-winning singers, fitness experts, yoga teachers, artists and multiple-six-figure entrepreneurs.

I run private coaching retreats out of our stunning home on an acreage in the rainforest of tropical Australia.

All in all, I’ve made SO many of my own dreams come true.

What’s next?

And so, my darling. That’s my story of how I came to be a Business Goddess.

I have another huge, big, massive dream now.

I want to help you make your dream come true too.

What would you do if you became a Business Goddess?

Where would you live? By the sea? In the mountains? In a sweet wooden cabin? In a sprawling ranch home?

How would you live? Would you spend most of your time with your loved ones? Would you spend Thursday afternoons having baths and Tuesday mornings. And Fridays? Fridays are ALWAYS for long lunches sprawled out in the sun.

What would it mean for you? For your family? To not worry about money anymore? To be able to make choices with childcare and schools and holidays and travelling.

What would it meant to your soul? To be doing a job that lights you up and makes you sing?


“What I love about the Business Goddess course in the Academy is that it’s fun, lush and soups-to-nuts on what you need to have a love-filled, fit-you and successful business.

Highly recommended!

– Jennifer Louden
Oprah show expert + best-selling author of “The Woman’s Comfort Book”, “The Life Organizer”, “The Pregnant Woman’s Comfort Book” and five other books!

“Best money I have ever spent on ANYTHING, EVER!!!”

– Molly T, blogger, mother & artist
Western Australia

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I really want you to glimpse what’s possible, dearest…

I’m proof that huge massive dreams are possible.

I believe with all my heart that you have deep & incredible gifts to share with the world.

And that oh my gosh, how this world needs them.

This is everything I could give you – all the practical stuff, story sharing, wisdom, juju & magic – to help you on your path of being a Business Goddess.

Business Goddess E-Course

The Business Goddess e-course

So what’s in this course?

You’ll get:

  • 8 Ways to make Money Online
  • The Blueprint of how I did it: with all ze juicy goss
  • The Practical Parts: website, pricing, techie bits
  • 100 Ways to market magically, mindfully & joyously
  • How to stay sane & joyful when business gets BUSY

AND some deeeelicious bonuses:

  • Profiles of Business Gods & Goddesses
  • The Becoming a Business Goddess workbook
  • The Magic Money Maker kit.

There’s over 190 pages of wisdom + genius + experience + love in this baby. All the business goddess goodness you could need.

5 Business Goddess Classes

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Class 1: The Blueprint of how I did it: all ze juicy goss

Want to know how I went from art hobby barely-making-money goddess to business goddess earning over $100k a year?

This is my story. With pretty pictures.

Secrets. Love. Seriously inspiring.

Bonus: How to create your business while you are working full time.

“This is by far the best book I’ve read on creative business.

It is so full of love and acceptance and fire.”

Class 2: 8 Ways to make Money Online

Includes how to come up with the content, how to make them happen & how to make them SUCCESSFUL:

  • E-books.
  • E-courses.
  • Coaching.
  • Webinars & teleseminars.
  • Audio programs.
  • Being an affiliate.
  • Creating your own affiliate program (& how to rock the buggery out of it!)
  • Selling & marketing your art/books/stuff online.

And this one is chockfulla bonuses:

  • Why you need income streams (SO important!).
  • How to create videos.
  • How to record meditations.
  • How to create & sell art prints.
  • Things to try when your art isn’t selling.
  • How to self publish a book or CD.
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  • Forget that whole “you won’t get a pay check for 3 years when you have a business…” My business has given me a pay check from day 1 – one that keeps getting bigger and bigger!
  • I started with nothing but a dream and a dodgy computer.
  • My business has DOUBLED in size every single year. This year we are on track to earn $400k a year. I talk numbers because it’s helpful for you to know that I know what I’m talking about, and that the strategies I use are the ones that can help you rapidly grow your business. There’s a lot of peeps out there who are teaching about business who don’t talk numbers and aren’t doing as well in their business as they look to be.
  • This is about being in service. This is about helping earth angels have sacred businesses that heal as many people as possible. I want to make sure earth angels are employed and receive income from that beautiful gift they were born with. I want earth angels to have the job of their dreams.
  • I went from being a numbers-phobic money-is-ick hippy to realising that the more money I make, the more I am able to help more people. If I was broke and drained, I wouldn’t be able to help as many people as I do now. By earning more money I’m able to support my energy better to make it sustainable (I’ve done burnout, and it’s awful, and I’m not going to do it again). By earning more money, I’m able to hire more people to help me help more people. And the people on my team? They get taken care of, and I make sure their dreams come true too. And I can change the way in a really powerful, powerful way by donating larger amounts of money than I ever have before. I SO see money now as this wonderful, beautiful thing that benefits SO many people in the cycle. I am a wonderful money custodian, and I want to help other women be the same.
  • I help more people now than I ever possibly could have if I had just stayed doing my cubicle job, working in the public service, only able to do stuff on nights and weekends when I wasn’t completely drained out. Now my energy is reserved for making miracles for other people. All my goodness and scrumptiousness can go out and help exactly the people that need it. (I tried to do Miracle-Making as a side project at my cubicle job. I’d do stuff like Hug 200 People In A Day, and give massages and angel readings to people who needed them. But it all had to be snuck in around the 8 hours of keyboard pressing, ya know? Now I just get to do it 24/7! YIPPEEEE!)
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  • I’ve been where you are right now. And I am where you’re wanting to be. And I can teach you how to get there by the fastest, easiest route.
  • I make this as fun, gorgeous, easy + soulful as you need it to be. You don’t have to step out of alignment with yourself to do this. This doesn’t have to suck. It can be gloriously amazing.
  • You are going to walk away from this thang with not just a huge business encyclopedia of knowledge, but an incredible surge of inspiration, inner knowing + faith that you can do it. I specialise in lifting up every single part of you.



Leonie’s business program in the Academy is a veritable encyclopedia of creative business guidance.

I’m still kind of floored by all the things Leonie covers in it. Here was this happy hippy beach chick, thriving in her creative business, and willing to share all the millions of things she’s learned to get there.

Her advice is smart. And generous.

Thanks in large part to Leonie’s help, I feel I’m right where I’m meant to be, in my new business. I know how to do the things to help my company grow; I know the next step I want to go in. And the next step after that.

– Christine Long, artist


“Leonie’s business programs are inspiring, practical and visionary! I love love LOVE them! They have jump started my writing, teaching + painting careers!”

– Lucy Pearce
Writer, teacher + artist

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Class 3: The Practical Parts

All the essential left brain stuff you need to wrap yourself around to be a Business Goddess:

  • How to create your website
  • How to write brilliantly for your website
  • 5 things you must do right now for your website
  • How to price your stuff profitably & joyfully
  • How to set up your techie bits: e-junkie, Paypal & a mailing list provider.


krisosterI had no idea how powerful it would be to connect with such a big and savvy group of women entrepreneurs ONLINE.

Here are some of the AMAZING results I’ve experienced after becoming an Academy Member:

  • Tripled my social media numbers + Subscriber Stats: Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Newsletter Subscribers (22% of my list are other members of this circle!).
  • Increased my income by $15,000/year!
  • Increased confidence to expand and try new offerings and marketing strategies in my biz.
  • Spending a lot more time with my daughter because I’m a lot more efficient.
  • Learned about time-saving productivity tools so I can travel more, have FUN and RELAX!
  • Feel so supported by the thousands of soulful women in the Academy

I also have learned how to collaborate in successful joint ventures, hosted my first Twitter party and have launched a successful coaching practice . I never would have had the courage to even try any of these projects without the guidance of the business courses in the Academy and support, love + enthusiasm of my Academy cohorts.

The value of what I’ve received far outweighs the annual cost of my membership!

I’m in deep gratitude. Thank you Leonie!

– Kris Oster, Ph.D,
Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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Class 4: 100+ Ways to market magically & joyously

So this is the big mama of the course. Marketing is the single most important thing you need to do in order to have a successful, sustainable business.


  • Things to do every day to build your business
  • How to increase your subscribers
  • How to rock your mailing list
  • How to make exquisite & dobleros-making sales pages
  • Being a social media goddess: Facebook, Twitter & all the rest
  • How to guest post like a goddess
  • How to earn more from your emails
  • Marketing Goddess worksheets.

Plus, you know… a bazillion more tips. This is one magic class you’ll use over & over again whenever you need to market your beautiful business.

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Class 5: How to stay sane & joyful when business gets BUSY

Once you are flying as a Business Goddess… there’s SO many lessons to learn about staying sane and joyful and happy.

I downloaded all the big wisdom and huge lessons I’ve learned along the way.


  • How to stop burning out
  • How to be okay about putting yourself out there
  • How to stop freaking out & start turning up
  • How to keep your business soulful & inline with your spirit
  • How to be okay with making mistakes.


dawnbreslin“I refer so many of my clients to Leonie Dawson’s “Business Goddess e-course”. It’s the most wonderful, fun, colorful, creative, easy to read & understand resource available.

If you would like to cut to the chase and learn everything about marketing your business online ~ this is one resource I can highly highly recommend. It’s informative, user friendly, creative and could save you years of reading about how to promote and sell yourself on the internet. When I started ~ I couldn’t stop reading it…”

– Dawn Breslin, worldwide leader in personal transformation, TV personality + international touring speaker, Hay House author of “Dawn Breslin’s Guide to Super Confidence” and “Dawn Breslin’s Power Book”



I am brimming with ideas that I am ACTUALLY implementing.

AND it also has inspired my husband who is currently working on his first ebook!!!

I think Leonie’s program is so worth the money, in fact I already recouped the money by income within a day of getting it! Crazy, or what?

Melanie Martin, photographer
United Kingdom

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Bonus #1!!! A Pocketful of Business Advisors

Pocketful of Business Advisors

Case Studies of Business Gods & Goddesses :: their stories. Their incredibly sage business advice. All in a kit.

Includes some of my favourite business gods & goddesses:

  • Fabeku Fatunmise (sound shaman)
  • Jenn Lee (author & creativity coach)
  • Chris Zydel (expressive arts teacher)
  • Lisa Baldwin (world traveller & blogger)
  • Kimberly Wilson (yogi, clothing designer & author)
  • Leah Piken Kolidas (artist)
  • Marissa Bracke (happy business helper)
  • Jamie Ridler (blogger, podcaster & creative maven)
  • Julie Stuart (graphic facilitator)
  • and more!!!

It’s like an angel tribe of business advisors in your pocket. REALLY powerful stuff.


daniellecLeonie’s business programs are just FULL of wonderful information that gives you everything you would ever need to know about starting a business online. She takes all the scary out of it and makes it accessible and fun — the same way she does everything.

For any women out there who have been thinking about starting a business online or taking your biz to the next level and are overwhelmed with all the information out there… Leonie’s programs are for you. I’ve read a LOT about online business over the years and Leonie’s work is tops.

Highly recommended.

– Dr. Danielle Cornelius, chiropractor
United States of America

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Bonus #2!!! The Magic Money Maker kit

The Magic Money Maker Kit

I’ve had goddesses JUST use this kit and meet their money goals within A MONTH. When they totally couldn’t even see how it was possible before.

It’s a money + marketing worksheet that works like miracles and magic. I know because this is the system I use!!!

All you do is pull out this kit every month. Fill out the worksheets. And kabaaaamy!!! Money out the kazoo & wazoo & sometimes even the gazoo!

It’s money making at its most fun & glorious & wildly brainifing wacky!


“Leonie’s Business Goddess course in the Academy is EXACTLY what I wanted; someone isn’t afraid to show how they did it!”

– Loes van Mierlo, Certified Soul Coach
United States of America


So that’s the course, darlingheart.

190+ pages of business genius, wise business stories, sage advice & tools you can start using RIGHT NOW to get your business soaring & supporting you.

I stand behind this course with all my heart.

I know it can do *wonders* for your business, no matter what business stage you are at.


  • You’ll find out how to build a multiple six figure business… in only 15 hours a week
  • You’ll be able to stop working at uninspiring, draining jobs & finally make a living from your creative or spiritual gifts
  • You’ll understand some of the REALLY BIG important secrets to making your business grow quickly
  • You don’t have to waste so much TIME wondering and worry out what works and what doesn’t… you can just follow the secrets that have really worked and just get on with making your business grow quickly and easily!
  • You will learn how to work in your business in a way that doesn’t leave you BURNT OUT, frustrated, exhausted and tired
  • You will find out tips to increase your sales, get more clients, do marketing that works
  • You’ll learn the tips of what NOT to do when it comes to marketing + alienating clients
  • You’ll learn how to double your income in just a few months (if not less!)?
  • You’ll have clarity, a system and a PLAN for your business!


samhowardBefore joining the Amazing Biz + Life Academy I was looking for a place to gain support and encouragement to develop my new business.

The three biggest benefits I’ve gotten from being a part of the Academy:
1. Found the most amazing women to work with in my business from all over the world. They have been a great assets to get my business off the ground.
2. Found an amazing accountability buddy from the circle and we have been working together helping each other develop their businesses, supporting each other for the last 6 months :)
3. Excellent resources + training to help me develop not just in my business but personally.

I now have 2 websites, I have been working full time in the business for 2 weeks (YAY! :)) and am hoping to expand to allow others to work from home or be location independent.

– Sam Howard
Kojonup Western Australia
Small Business Development Coach & VA Specialist

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A word of warning!

I’m adding this here because I think it’s important to know.

I was pretty blissfully oblivious when I first began building a business online. When someone said they were a business coach or could teach marketing principles, I totally trusted that they knew more than me, and that they were talking about this stuff because their own businesses were doing incredibly well.

Sadly, that just ain’t true. I know far too many business coaches and marketing e-course teachers who might be talking the talk, but when it comes to real success and income? They just don’t have it. At ALL. It’s all smoke and mirrors, and it’s not something that I can abide by.

I’m authentic with you about what I earn
so that you can choose for yourself about whether I’ve got something to teach you or not. I am honest and I am soul-centered because that’s how I live. I’ve done the hard yards in learning how to share my gifts in the world in a big way, and I can teach you the exact principles that work, and tell you what is just ridunkulous hype from peeps who don’t know any better.

I’m really passionate about this. Whoever you decide to learn from: make sure it is someone who is authentic, who is ACTUALLY walking their talk and are living their best life and business, and who can teach you true, powerful business + marketing principles that will make a real difference to your business and life.

I don’t want to see you wasting money on anything that doesn’t do just that.

What other goddesses are saying about this e-course!


I knew that my sacred crystal biz wanted to grow. I wanted to leave my teaching position and step out of the matrix & into the world of contributing, creating & running my sacred crystal biz FULL TIME. I knew I needed a biz coach but I didn’t resonate with most of run of the mill boring ole’ entrepreneur coaches out there. I knew it had to be someone who was spiritual & “GOT” me, my sacred crystal biz & what I’m trying to bring to the world. And then *poof*, there you were!! Of course. I knew then, I didn’t need a biz coach, I needed a LEONIE!

What an incredible knowledge base you have. You turned the lights on, gave me actionable items & concrete steps to take that quickly changed the game for me and allowed me to make my BIG beautiful dream a reality in just two months!!

In six weeks, I DOUBLED my income, TRIPLED the size of my mailing list ALREADY. I’m set on full speed ahead right now for exponential growth thanks to following your UBER-FANTASMO advice!!!

I was able to quit my job within six weeks of talking to you. I am so very excited to do this sacred biz of mine FULL TIME now thanks to you. It’s what I’ve been working towards & visualizing for quite some time now. I KNOW with every sparkly cell in my being that THIS is what I’m meant to be doing!! To live a more meaningful life focused on growth & activities that make my soul SING: sharing more crystal teachings with the world, writing, teaching, creating & working with my Crystal Peeps!

Thank you Leonie. ???

– Stephanie Hibiscus Moon,

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“Working with Leonie brought clarity, focus and direction to my business. She helped me refine my niche, which in today’s competitive market, is essential for sustainability and growth. Leonie helped me create a clear marketing plan with several concrete action steps to take.I doubled my list just a week after implementing her strategies.I recommend working with Leonie to anyone serious about taking their business to the next level. Her experience, wisdom, humor, and insights have given me the confidence and techniques I needed to grow my business to where I’ve always envisioned it to be.

Thanks Leonie, you are a gem!”

Carrie Hensley,

Super fantastic, amazing and lots of other goodie words.

Has given me business direction and what to do next. I so needed this at the moment!

There is so much helpful and useful info. It’s a MUST have for all business goddesses!

After having a quick look-through, I now have focus, goals and direction.

I know my business is going places, and now there is nothing holding me back!

–Belinda Newell

Virginia BaileyIt’s the best e-course on business I’ve done.

Every page is an ah-ha! moment.

It’s the most expensive e-product I’ve ever purchased, but I’m so glad I bought it!

If I implement even half of what you have shared, I’ll double my income.

–Goddess Virginia Bailey &

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Heather Eats Almond ButterLeonie’s business e-course has inspired me in so many ways. Not too long ago, I started a blog, not to make money, but to share my story in hopes of helping others. However, the blog has grown beyond my expectations, and for all the time and effort I put into it, some income from the blog would make things much easier.

My husband likes to joke that I make the worst hourly wage ever. Hehe. Anyway, reading through the e-course, I realized that if I’m putting so much of my time, energy, and love into the blog, then it’s okay to view it as a source of potential revenue.

After all, “In everything, there needs to be an exchange of energy.”  Now I just have to choose from all of Leonie’s wonderful ideas and suggestions and implement them. I can’t wait!

– Heather, blogger

Missy Elam

Jackie Stewart


petreaI am in my third year of being a member of Leonie Dawson’s amazing online community! I was originally attracted to Leonie’s authenticity and vibrancy, which she continues to imbue all her offerings with. However, the community that Leonie has created here has been absolutely amazing and life changing for me. When I first joined I was looking for guidance and ideas about starting my own online business alongside my clinical work as an art therapist. I never imagined that I would gain the confidence to start and build my business, but I have with Leonie’s support!

I started a blog for families called where I share creative resources to help families connect and heal. This meant doing my first videos, and releasing my first e-kit. Inspired, I then went on to revamp an old website of mine that had just been sitting idle. It has been a huge success! I have made 2 well-received e-courses, which continue to bring me an extra income that I had not thought possible. My mailing list has tripled in size and continues to grow since last year. There is so much support in this community with
ongoing opportunities to mastermind and make life-changing connections.
I am truly grateful.

What has been essential for me is that the Academy is not just for the businessside of my life but also it has helped me balance other aspects of my life with my family and my self. My confidence gained here in creating a life I want has been phenomenal. Leonie’s books, e-courses and fabulous community have supported me greatly in this process. For example, I had wanted to start up in person workshops, which I hadn’t done since my sons’ were small, but I did not know how. Something was holding me back. With the support and resources of the Academy I am thrilled to say that I have begun holding them regularly and successfully since last summer. I am well under way to following my dream to hold retreats as well. Leonie’s community and resources have really shifted things for me and continues to bring such joy to my life!

Petrea Hansen-Adamidis, Registered Art Therapist
Toronto Canada

Who is is this course for? Beginners or existing business owners?

Short answer: No matter what stage of business you’re at, there is a mega amount of wisdom & money-making tools in here for you.

By all means, go through this baby with a fine-tooth comb to mine up all its goodness. But a short guide to where you need to go for where you are right now?

If you’re still working out what you want to do

Start with Classes 1 & 2 to get the goss behind how I did it, ideas of what you can do & worksheets to make magic happen with. Instant clarity-makers & ginormous inspiration boosters up the butt!

If you’re just starting out in your business

Start with Classes 2 & 3. You’ll find out ways you can start making even more money right now, market your business more effectively (& joyfully). Then you’ll be ready to start jiving with the rest of the classes.

If you’ve already got a successful business

Classes 4 & 5 are for you especially. And the bonuses. ZOMG. What’s it all spell?

M-O-R-E M-O-N-E-Y A-N-D M-O-R-E J-O-Y.

Woah. That was a really long sentence. But anyway!!!

You’ll discover ways to supercharge your marketing. How to plan out your business so it’s meeting your dream income. And how to stay sane and joyful when your business gets crazy busy. Mega important thangs.

I have read through this goddess ecourse twice now as I want to be sure not to miss one single juicy magical bit of this beautiful and intelligent Leonie goddess wisdom.

Although I have been a goddess business owner for more than 20 years, I find valued new wisdom in your words. It is definitely worth the money to add this to mine (or anyone else) business teachings and guidance.

–Goddess Deborah, child carer


I absolutely love the Business Goddess e-course and it has transformed my business.

I reached 10x as many people as last year as direct result of doing this course!!!

It helped me look outside the box about how to build my business online and it showed me that doing the things I love to do (like writing and social networking) could become strong business tools used in the right way. It also illuminated how I wasn’t using them in the right way!

As a direct result of doing the Business Goddess course, we set up our first e-course last summer (Barefoot Breathing) which has attracted 100 people so far. A huge success!

I particularly loved the marketing section and the worksheets to get clear on your gifts and how to package them into products you can sell.

The support from the Academy members has been invaluable and that’s made the Academy membership worthwhile alone – for less than $10 a month you have all that support, opportunities and connections with amazing people like you!

– Jackie Stewart
Teacher & healer

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How long does it go for?

I’m doing something COMPLETELY wackadoodle (by my standards). You get the FULL course & ALL the bonuses *instantly* when you buy. Why? Because there’s no time to lose when it comes to making the business of your dreams. You can grab whatever your business needs right now. You can dive in & do it at the perfect Business Goddess speed for you.

So the answer? It goes for however long you need it to.

When does it start?

Right now. You’ll get instant access when you sign up, my love. Business wisdom, right when you need it.

What do I get in the kit?

Three PDF ebooks with 190+ pages BRIMMING with wisdom, uber magical marketing strategies, behind-the-business secrets, get-with-ze-program worksheets and fiery determination sauce.

Also: gladness, wonder, hope and love. In equal portions.

What kind of business is this for?

Any and all. You can be based online or offline. Acupuncturist, VA, healer, coach, web designer, photographer, therapist, masseuse, store owner. There is a massive amount of marketing wisdom in here for *everyone* to grow their business and make more gorgeous money!

Business Goddess E-Course

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I am SO honoured to be here… and would be utterly delighted to help you on your beautiful journey.

All the love in the world (and SO MUCH more!!!)

P.S. Ready to make an investment and a LEAP into your dreams of making an amazing living doing what you love? What are you waiting for, possum? Join us!