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Creating with Kids Video Workshop

Creating with Kids Video Workshop

Hola darlinghearts,

When I became a mama, I lost my way. I forgot how to make art, the thing that lit me up inside. I forgot how to make time for it. And space for it. And how on earth to navigate its rainbow waters now my arms were filled with child.

But I needed it like I needed oxygen. So slowly, I found my way again. I found the path of being a Creative Goddess and a Mama Goddess. I learned a whole new art skill: how to create with kids.

We mamas, we need our art. And we need to include our kids in it too.

And it’s different from ABF (Art Before Kids). It takes a whole new level of art skills, tools, perspectives & set-up.

Creating With Kids doesn’t have to be an exercise in total frustration.

It can be a beautiful, joyful, hilarious, spiritual experience. Truly.

So Ostara & I decided to invite you around… to paint in our backyard with Charlie doggy… to spill water and eat paint and laugh wildly and get rained on… and find out just what it is to be MAMA GODDESSES *and* CREATIVE GODDESSES.


This is
part reality TV glimpse into two goddesses messy tangle of paint and love…
part instructional video…
part spiritual awakening.



In this video workshop you’ll discover:

  • how to make art that sings to you & your babe
  • what kinds of materials you can use
  • the best space to use for creating with kids
  • how to be okay with mistakes and mess
  • how creating with kids can be fun & joyful & glorious & even SPIRITUAL for you. It doesn’t have to suck!





You’ll also get these AWESOME bonuses:

  • nekkid baby booty! weeooo!
  • fluffy puppies!
  • frequent breaks for boobfeeding!
  • muchos silliness! hurra!
  • basically: real life. Designed to make you feel more sane, less alone & totally understood in this crazy mama journey ride!

About your Creating With Kids guide…


Leonie Dawson is a mentor to women wanting to create + grow massively successful and heart-centered creative + soulful businesses. She is also an author, retreat leader, visual artist, mama and guide for the 33 000+ women who receive her free “AMAZING BIZ + AMAZING LIFE” eZine each week.

Purposeful, passionate & unendingly prolific, Leonie has written two books, released dozens of online programs, run retreats and sacred women’s circles, held a solo art exhibition, and created the Amazing Biz and Life Academy. She has guided thousands of women to transform their businesses and lives. In the process, she has half million dollar a year company that doubles in size each year and helps thousands of women every single year. Her mission is to help as many earth angels – women with creative or spiritual gifts – to have profoundly profitable businesses so they may nourish themselves and heal the world.

Leonie has taught alongside such luminaries as Arielle Ford, Julia Cameron, Gay Hendricks and SARK. Leonie has coached tens of thousands of women to create their own incredible lives and businesses including healers, celebrities, coaches, best-selling authors, award-winning singers, fitness experts, yoga teachers, artists and multiple-six-figure entrepreneurs.

Her strategic musings and practical wisdom have been featured on Problogger, Tiny Buddha, magazines like Spellcraft, Life Images, Goddess and Spheres, and in three of SARK’s best-selling books on creative fulfillment & freedom.

Leonie has walked labyrinths in the moonlight, wept atop mountains in the middle of a storm, danced with a baby in an old cow shed as a Filipino tribal chief sang, and once married herself in a public commitment ceremony — witnessed by goddess maidens of honor that she’d met on the Internet.

Leonie is the former editor of United Nations-award winning business website, and has previously worked in Minister’s Offices at Australian Parliament House. Leonie was formerly a top-achieving economics + art history student at Australian National University before dropping out to become a successful artist.

In short: I’m a former cubicle-bunny-and-frustrated-artist turned successful-and-ridunkulously-happy-soul-centered-entrepreneur!

What other women are saying…

“I cannot adequately express how divinely beautiful this video is. It is a tool for transformational learning.As I watched it, I felt so many different deep stirrings, deep truths. As you allowed yourself to be gazed upon in such sacred acts as creating, nursing, and nurturing, such a strong spirit message was transmitted through this teaching. I am in awe, and in adoration of you dear wise woman. I am honored to be one of your students, and sister travelers on this exquisite journey of motherhood and life.”

– Maggie Ann Bishop


“Leonie Dawson is a gifted goddess and illuminated creator.

I happily recommend her and her lilting work.”

Best-selling author of “Succulent Wild Woman”, “Eat Mangoes Naked”, “Make Your Creative Dreams Real”, “Prosperity Pie” and 11 other books!

“Tears of joy are streaming down my face, Beautiful Leonie and Starry! Thank you so much for putting your beauty and joy into our world.”– Becky Jaine

“This is so inspiring. I think it will help with my art even though I am not a mama yet. I just need to let it be what it is. :)”– Jessica Fox


“Leonie Dawson is an amazing artist, spiritual teacher and goddess woman.

She’s inspiring, wise, kind and oh-so-talented!”

– Lucy Cavendish
Hay House author + oracle card creator
Author of “Oracle Tarot”, “Oracle of the DragonFae”, “Lost Lands”, “Faery Magic”, “Mermaid Magic”, “White Magic” and more!


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Can I just say this mini workshop makes me grin wildly? And my eyes shine with tears?

I am so so SO proud of this workshop… my first workshop co-run with my baby daughter Ostara.

And I just hope it is perfectly beautiful for you too.

May you make art, dearest one. With the little ones in your life. But most importantly… because it lights you up and makes you whole.

Your soul is singing to you.

love love love,

Leonie Dawson