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Creative Goddess eCourse: 6 weeks to cure your creative blocks + start creating prolifically!


2:37pm, Thursday
From: Artist, Author, Mama + Entrepreneur Mentor Leonie Dawson, Cairns, Australia
To: Entrepreneur, Creative, Creative-wannabe or Mama

There are two misconceptions about I hear about creativity ALL the time, from almost every person I talk to.

And they are wrong. Dead wrong. So wrong that they are costing you money, time, joy, success + fulfillment.

Want to know those three creative misconceptions that are holding you back in your life, business and happiness?

1.) “I’m not an artist… I can’t even draw a stick insect!”


2.) “I’m so afraid of making a mistake + being judged… I am creatively BLOCKED!”


3.) “Creating is HARD. Artists are all miserable, broke alcoholics of questionable mental health.”

Want to STOP procrastinating
+ holding back on your biggest creative dreams?

Want to stop the thing
that is costing you money, time, joy, success + fulfillment?

once and for ALL?

Want to create more PROLIFICALLY
than you ever dreamed possible?

Cure your creative blocks
+ become a prolific, abundant, joyful Creative Goddess

in just 6 weeks!

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“Give me 6 weeks and I’ll show you how to create art WITHOUT blocks or misery…”

The Creative Goddess e-course is a six week journey unlike any other. You will create in a way you’ve simply never experienced before. It’s all about creating because it makes your spirit fly. Creating because it shows the colours of your soul. Creating in a way that frees you, uplifts you and reminds you what an amazing Goddess you are.

Art isn’t just a place of joy and paint-on-the fingers-glee (though that too is utterly delicious).

Creativity CAN be a place of IMMENSE JOY, healing, transformation + miracles for YOU…

It CAN a pathway to discovering the Goddess in You – your wisdom, your story and your beauty.

It CAN change your life from the inside out.

You CAN be more prolific + creatively abundant than you’ve EVER DREAMED POSSIBLE.

The Creative Goddess eCourse is a journey that is powerful, sacred, connected, inspired, healing, transformative and shining. You’ll finish the e-course with a whole new rush of inspiration & energy in your life & art. You’ll discover the wise, creative, joyful Goddess in you, and remember the spirited, rainbow-paint-on-hands artist YOU ARE.

It’s totally wonderful if you don’t feel like you are The Bestest Artist Who Has Ever Lived.

(Who needs to draw stick figures anyway?)

It’s utterly perfect if you are still working out your style, your voice, how your camera and paints work and what you want to share in this world.

(Right where you are is just so beautiful.)

What’s really important is this:

If you were born, you are an artist.

If you are a woman, you are a Goddess.

And if you are both of those things, then the Creative Goddess e-course is for you.

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“From lost and insecure to successful artist!”

Melanie ReesSince discovering and taking part in Leonie’s Creative Goddess e-course, my life has transformed and simply blossomed! Thinking back, I hardly recognise the person I was before. Leonie, her gorgeous, loving, kind and wise spirit has touched my life in so many ways.

I arrived at the Creative Goddess e-course as a lost and insecure soul. I was spiritually stagnant and creatively stuck. I felt the energy of an artist deep within me, longing to express herself freely yet I didn’t know how to set her free.

The Creative Goddess e-course opened the flood gates which fuelled that stuck, frightened artist and creative soul in me to come forth and create with joy and freedom. I can honestly say, I am forever changed as a result.

The Creative Goddess e-course was like nothing I had ever experienced. It made me look at creating art in a completely new way. There were no hang-ups on technique or following instructions. I was free to explore the inner me and create from the depths of who I am. I always felt loved, supported, and safe as I journeyed through the course.

Leonie helped me spread my creative wings and feel brave and worthy enough to fly and soar and bring art into the world.

I transformed from being a person who was afraid to share her art to someone who went on to open an on-line shop selling my art for a living!

Leonie has given me so much more than my creative wings though. She has given me unconditional love and acceptance and with that came the freedom to do anything I dreamed of with confidence!

As I write this, I am planning and growing a new dream, building a new business supporting my family of seven through doing what I love, and supporting people in need as I do it.

Thank Goddess for Leonie! She is a shining white light of loving energy that touches people’s lives all over the world. I am forever grateful and forever changed.

– Melanie Lotus Rees,
Artist and Owner of Daisy Mabel

“I will always be so thankful for your Creative Goddess course, it really did change my life – it set my creative spirit free.”

– Milena, United Kingdom

“Wow! I can’t thank you enough! I have been stuck in a creative rut for a long long time…..and that made me feel quite sad like a part of me was missing. Your meditations were wonderful and I loved the videos too. It was like your best friend holding your hand and nudging you forward. I felt so much better, more alive and I believe in myself a bit more. I can do my art just for me something sacred, something meaningful and learning all the time. I have discovered that I need to honour the Goddess in me by keeping on being creative. I sooo love being called a Goddess how perfectly wonderful is that!What an amazing gift you have given us all and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”– Liz, USA

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“Give me 6 weeks and I’ll show you how to create PROLIFICALLY + ABUNDANTLY…”

Here’s my own TRUE STORY of just how using the creative secrets in this course, I’ve created prolifically + abundantly… I’ve managed to make SO many of my creative dreams come true AND earn a six figure income from doing so!

I’ve written + published my first book at 22, held my first art show at 23, began leading women’s circles at 23, created my first retreat at 25, launched the Amazing Biz & Life Academy (originally known as the Goddess Circle) — a subscription-based women’s community for creatives of all kinds — at 27, and have guided thousands of women through transformational Circle experiences over the past 3 years. I’ve also released 5 e-courses — including my signature workshop for entrepreneurs, “Become A Business Goddess”, 4 meditation kits, 2 workbooks and 2 workbooks into the digital ether. I’ve created an empire around my creations – with over 20 000 women signed up to receive my weekly “AMAZING BIZ + AMAZING LIFE” eZine.


“Leonie Dawson is a gifted goddess and illuminated creator.

I happily recommend her and her lilting work.”

Best-selling author of “Succulent Wild Woman”, “Eat Mangoes Naked”, “Make Your Creative Dreams Real”, “Prosperity Pie” and 11 other books!

And just for fun I became a mama, moved to tropical paradise with my hunky love and daughter + in my “spare time” wrote a second book that flew to the top of the Amazon best seller list (just beneath “The Secret!!!”)

I have coached tens of thousands of women to create their own incredible lives and businesses including healers, celebrities, coaches, best-selling authors, award-winning singers, fitness experts, yoga teachers, artists and multiple-six-figure entrepreneurs. My strategic musings, art + practical wisdom have been featured on Problogger, Tiny Buddha, spirituality magazines like Goddess, Spellcraft, Life Images and Spheres, and in three of SARK’s best-selling books on creative fulfillment & freedom. And in the meantime, I’ve written 1500+ articles for my website, recorded hundreds of TV episodes, released dozens of free ebooks + podcasts… all in just a few hours a day.

I’m prolific, and my creative gifts have taken care of me + my family incredibly well.

ANYTHING is possible when you never – ever – have creative blocks!

And the secrets behind my prolificness are all held in the Creative Goddess e-course….


“Leonie Dawson is an amazing artist, spiritual teacher and goddess woman.

She’s inspiring, wise, kind and oh-so-talented!”

– Lucy Cavendish
Hay House author + oracle card creator
Author of “Oracle Tarot”, “Oracle of the DragonFae”, “Lost Lands”, “Faery Magic”, “Mermaid Magic”, “White Magic” and more!

This course is for you if…

  • You feel creatively blocked
  • You want to deepen your experience of art from fun to sacred
  • You are a creative type {photographer, artist, writer & scrapbooker} who are looking to experience art in a whole new way and have a whole new rush of inspiration
  • You’re a frustrated wannabe creative soul & are longing to connect with that gorgeous, shining ARTIST part of yourself
  • You find yourself saying “I’m not an artist! I can barely draw stick figures!”
  • Or you find yourself so WOUND UP in the fear of making a mistake that you forget to actually ENJOY making art!
  • You don’t make art for fear of it “not looking like the way it looks in my head!”
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Here’s what gorgeous things you can expect from the Creative Goddess ecourse…

Every week you will be assigned Creative Goddess projects to do for the week in a range of creative mediums ~ you will be exploring new ways of creating and connecting with the gorgeous soul, wisdom & beauty inside you.

You’ll also receive throughout the course:

  • 6 beautifully illustrated handmade ebooks + 3 workbooks guiding you on creating art as a sacred practice, how to find healing on your journey, walking through your stucknesses, how to create sacred space and discovering the wise, inspired Goddess in you.
  • 6 amazing videos taking you behind the scenes into my world to discover the secrets curing your creative blocks
  • 6 incredibly powerful 30 minute MP3 meditations that you can use over and over again. Just these 6 meditations alone are well worth the value of the course!

“I would really like to express my appreciation to you for the 6-week Creative Goddess Course. I think it is one of the most wonderful things I have allowed myself to do in many years. The course released so many things in me. Your meditations are so beautiful, and I listen to them often, usually before I go to sleep. And watching you in your videos not only helped creatively, but inspired me in the sense of a “way of being” that I had clamped down within myself for a very long time. So to you and all the beautiful creative goddess-sisters I have met in circle, thank you so much.”

– Donna, USA


butterflyjournalWhen I first stumbled upon the Academy, I will admit I was a bit frightened. I didn’t know whether I was ready to take such a big leap into supporting myself and stepping into who I truly wanted to be. But once I joined, it was like being welcomed into a huge group hug, with love and sparkles spanning the entire globe!

Since joining, I have felt more confident in who I am and where I want to go than ever before. I have had this amazing support network to fall back on when I’ve had questions or doubts, and have always felt so supported and beautiful. I have become even more creative and spiritual than I was before, I feel even more comfortable with sharing these things with the people around me. And you know what? So many of my loved ones have responding with wanting to learn more about my passions and my spiritual drive! It’s been amazing.

Using the Academy and Leonie’s GLORIOUS workbooks, I have begun to dream like never before. Having battled with chronic illness and depression for ten years or so, Leonie’s influence is recognisable in the way I now carry myself, and allow myself to dream and plan regardless of my health or the stigma associated with it. Learning from Leonie has been integral in my rebirth as a creative, spiritual, SOULFUL woman.

As many women have said before, thank you Leonie, for being your bright and shining self!

Bethwyn Walker, Student and Writer
Western Australia

“Today I did project one from week one of the Creative Goddess e-course. I just wanted to let you know that I am in love with what I created, and I feel as if I have already gotten my money’s worth! You are an amazing teacher, and filled my heart with happiness and peace the second you started talking.”–  Katrina A, USA
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The Top 7 Reasons You Should Do The Creative Goddess e-course

  1. You will let go of ALL your creative blocks – easily, effortlessly, joyfully.
  2. You will become a better, more profilic creator!
  3. You will feel more empowered, inspired & courageous in your creating
  4. You will form a weekly meditation habit that will help you feel more relaxed, peaceful + calm
  5. You will connect with other Goddess sisters on the journey + finally have your own tribe
  6. You will discover hidden artistic talents you didn’t even know you had
  7. You will feel blissed out, inspired & much more like a Goddess!

Standing ovations for the Creative Goddess E-Course:


belindanewellI wanted to do the creative goddess e-course to expand my creative juices. Just before signing up, Leonie created this magical space – Amazing Biz and Life Academy!!! What an amazing place it is!!
I had been following Leonie on her blog for a long time. I was attracted to her beautiful energy and found it inspiring in so many ways!! I love her art, videos and blogs!!! There was so much goodness and inspiration from them!!

I did the creative goddess e-course in the Academy. WOW!!!! It helped me open up creatively! I learnt to just open up and go with my art, instead of being in my head about it. I created my favourite canvas piece doing this course!!

The business e-course is mind blowing. The part that really stand out is it can be done at your own pace. There is no pressure and there is amazing support from the Academy community. And I get to do it over and over for free!!! Yay!! It has assisted me creating my own blog and how to make my workbooks into ebooks. This course has opened up sooo many possibilities and they are becoming my reality!!! It simplifies things and shows you how your goals can be achieved and just how much it really is in your reach. You just have to reach out and grab them!!

The Incredible Year Workbook are brilliant. I love, love doing this every year. I love how I can let go of the previous year and welcome the new year. It has helped me grow and learn beyond belief about myself. It gives me the power to manifest the life I deserve – a happy, loving, magical life!! I love taking the time to fill it in and creating the time for myself! I love choosing a word for the year. This word has helped me let go of things in my life and be open to changes and new things. There was one year l had and it was hard and was looking forward to seeing the end of it. Filling out the Incredible Year Workbook allowed me to see the joy, blessings and my growth!! I left that year feeling positive and loads of gratitude for it. Since then each year has been a blessing and filled my heart with loads of gratitude, no matter what has occurred!

I love the sacred space in the Academy. I am blessed as I hold women’s circles in my home. I connect with amazing women. In the academy I get to do the same with women from around the world!! AMAZING!!!! These women are inspiring and supportive in so many ways!!

Being in this Academy it’s helped me to accept more of myself and fully stand by my intuitive feelings, no matter what others say or think. Very empowering!! My life is amazing and keeps getting better and better.

Thank-you Leonie for the bottom of my heart & soul!! My possibilities are all now endless rather then impossible!! I love being apart of this community and continuing to grow and learn!!

Belinda Newell, Herbalist Student, Creator of Goddess You
Brisbane, Australia

“I started painting when doing the Creative Goddess course and now… I have had my first exhibition!

I am an artist and believe that is what I am meant to be! This course changed my life completely!”

– Martina F.

“I don’t even know if I can put words to what the experience has been for me – it was life changing! During the space of the course I saw my energy shifting and my soul shining. It unlocked a deep sacred knowledge that I found most profound. I was reminded of how much I love to paint. I reconnected with the true me! You are Wise Woman. Healer. Guide. Sacred Teacher. All of this and more. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this experience.

– Sonya F, Australia

“This course has been a battery/soul/spirit recharge. It’s been rejuvenating, loving, relaxing, and enriching. An opportunity to let go of the negatives (pain, self doubt, and criticism etc). It’s been many things but above all it has cleared my head and reconnected me again with nature, with energy and with inner peace.”

– Patricia M, Australia

“The Creative Goddess program have given me the time and space to really FEEL creative inspiration. It has been such a gift to have some dedicated time to fill my creative well. I especially appreciate Leonie’s warm, magical, supportive and playful energy as she guides us on amazing journeys!”

– Silky Hart, Creative Arts Coach, USA

“A beautiful sisterhood and support network as well as a wonderful teacher for your journey to bring out your creative Goddess inside. This course has enabled me to truly “come out” to the wonderful goddess that I really am and to heal destructive images of myself. There are now days that I can actually say ‘I LOVE ME!”

– Kel H., USA

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Let me answer some of the most frequently asked questions…

1. How will the course be run?

Every week I will send out by email all the course materials for the week. You’ll be able to listen to the MP3 meditations, read the ebooks, watch the videos and do the Creative Goddess projects at whatever time is delicious for you.

2. What creative medium will we be creating in?

The Creative Goddess eCourse will include projects in a range of creative mediums, including collage, painting, journalling, drawing, scrapbooking and sculpture. You can also elect to do some extra creating including dance and photography. Basically – it’s about getting you to unleash your Creative Goddess in all kinds of creative ways, and trying out new mediums you might not have tried before.

Please don’t worry about requiring lots of equipment or materials for this course – you can adapt the mediums to work for you. This course is less about creating one specific thing in one specific way, and more about discovery, sacred exploring, soulful creating and going where your Creative Goddess energy is calling you!

3. Is there an minimum age limit for course participants?

No there’s not.

Most of the course participants are somewhere between their 20s and 50s. But we have also had members as young as age 14 and into their 70s and beyond!

Children & teens are already gifted at creativity, living in the moment, being present & being open hearted, so they are such a beautiful part of courses!

I’d just ask that if you’re under 18, your parents are groovy with you participating. That’s all.

4. I’m not an artist. I can’t even draw a stick person. What would I get out of this?

So so much, darlin! This is about creating in a way you’ve never experienced before. Creating because it makes your spirit fly. Creating because it shows the colours of your soul. Creating in a way that frees you, uplifts you and reminds you what an amazing Goddess you are.

If you were born, you are an artist. If you are a woman, you are a Goddess. I’d so love for you to join this amazing, creative and inspiring time and see what blooms in your life.

5. I’m already a painter/dancer/writer. Would I get anything out of this?

I truly, truly believe so. This e-course is intended to deepen your experience of both your art & life. We will be creating in all kinds of creative mediums as a chance for you to explore new ways of expressing your wild creative goddess self.

And most importantly, we will be creating as a sacred practice, making art a space to hear your soul’s story and connect with the divine in you. You’ll finish the e-course with a whole new rush of inspiration & energy in your life & art. I’m really excited about what miracles will unfold during the e-course!

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Until we circle as Creative Goddesses…

I am so looking forward to sharing an exquisite experience with you.

With paint on our hands, shining souls & joy at sharing this amazing + life changing experience with you ~~~


Leonie Dawson

P.S. Where are you at right now? Utterly content, inspired + creatively fulfilled? If you are, YAY! You really don’t need to be reading this page then.

If you’re not though – what are you waiting for? If you don’t take this giant leap now – into creativity, into happiness, into wild prolific productivity – when will you?

Whatever your choice, commit to it. Don’t jive too much in indecision. Make a firm YES or a firm NO.

That’s how our life changes. Enrol now + let’s cure your creative blocks!