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* you have a business that you want to grow wildly * you want to help more people, have more impact + get known * you want to work less + not get so damn burnt out (without losing out on income or opportunities) * you want a business that fits your soul purpose + gives you more life + financial freedom

You’ve come to the right place, love. I’ve already done just that. I’ve taught so many other women how to do exactly the same thing. And I would love to help you do it too. Because you have gifts inside you that the world needs. I believe you’re an earth angel. And I’m here to help you have the biggest, most beautiful impact possible while nourishing you with amazing abundance.

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I’ve gathered together every piece of my business success puzzle, and have laid it out for you in this program. No-holds-barred, behind the scenes look at EXACTLY what I do in my business to double its income each year. It’s immensely practical and FILLED with checklists for you to go through and start action on straight away so you can see IMMEDIATE results in your beautiful business!

I promise you, if you commit to doing this program and working your way through it, you will have doubled your business. I can say this wholeheartedly. I know this program works because I’ve been using it not just in my business, but for my private clients as well who have seen huge results. I’m so grateful. I love that by knowing these biz and marketing tips, you can receive so much more abundance into your life and help so many others in the process. learnhowto small product-shot-3

  • Boost your sales
  • Implement advanced marketing systems + strategies
  • Map out your business and income goals + how to make them happen
  • Add zeros to your monthly income (at THE END of your numbers that is!)
  • Create a plan to massively grow your tribe
  • Get more clients
  • Work less + earn more
  • Have maximum impact with less effort
  • Stop being the bottleneck of you business
  • Communicate what you do powerfully + charismatically
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brilliantlybonuses Bonuses all together

  • How To Double Your Bricks + Mortar and Local Businesses (specific tips & case studies!)
  • Double Your Biz with Testimonials
  • Double Your Biz with Videos
  • How to Raise Your Rates
  • 6 Stages of Getting & Keeping Customers
  • Your Sacred Sales Funnel
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  • You’ll find out how to build a multiple six figure business… in only 15 hours a week
  • You’ll be able to stop working at uninspiring, draining jobs & finally make a living from your creative or spiritual gifts
  • You’ll understand some of the REALLY BIG important secrets to making your business grow quickly
  • You don’t have to waste so much TIME wondering and worrying about what works and what doesn’t… you can just apply the secrets that have already worked and get on with making your business grow quickly and easily!
  • You will learn how to work in your business in a way that doesn’t leave you BURNT OUT, frustrated and exhausted
  • You will learn tips to increase your sales, get more clients & do marketing that actually gets you results
  • You’ll learn what NOT to do and what’s holding you and your business back
  • You’ll learn how to double your income (if I haven’t already made that obvious!)
  • You’ll have clarity, a system and a PLAN for your business!
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learnfromme So, I tell you what I’ve created in terms of real-deal specifics and numbers NOT because I’m obsessed by them or motivated by them – but because I believe you should know exactly if I’m at a place in business that you could learn from. benefits

* In 2013, my business earned just under a million dollars. * I have 50 000 women on my mailing list. * My Amazing Biz and Life Academy has over 4000 paying members. * Every year, my business doubles (or triples!) in income. * I work less than 15 hours a week. Not because I don’t love work – because I seriously love what I do – but I want to be around my kids + hunky love as much as possible.

bragabout About Leonie

* I’ve written three books and have hit the Amazon best seller chart. * I’ve sold-out high-priced retreats. * I’m the former editor of, the Australian Government website & winner of a United Nations Award for service to small business! * I have taught alongside such luminaries as Arielle Ford, Julia Cameron, Gay Hendricks and SARK. * I’ve coached celebrities, best-selling authors, award-winning singers, fitness experts and six-figure entrepreneurs.



I’m a philanthropist. I am in the top 1% of Kiva lenders, and I support a big ole range of charities. Because I believe in putting my money where my mouth is and changing the world. So when you sign up to the Double Your Biz program (and automatically become an Academy member), you’ll be helping to support those incredible world-changing organisations.


I’m the right fit for you if:

  • You know I swear like a trucker. And you’re cool with it. If cursing turns you off, I’m a walking boner-killer for you.
  • You value education and know that whenever you implement it, you see results.
  • You are willing to do the work that’s needed.
  • You have a track record in implementing. You get done what needs doing.
  • You know that I’m NOT your knight in shining armour who can do it all FOR YOU. That’s YOUR job.
  • You get that I am not a fashion blogger. I never will be. I am rarely found out of pyjamas, cowboy shirts and hippy pants. It’s a little style I like to call boho hobo. I have no idea why I feel compelled to share this with you. But there you go. There it is. Out on the page. Leonie is rarely seen in the wild with brushed hair/a bra on/clothes that aren’t delightfully smooshed and mismatched. The End.
  • You delight in the fact that I’m a total woo-woo soul-centred hippy who talks about energy – in fact, that’s one of the reasons you love me! (And even if you’re still new to this whole hippy thing, you’re open to it.)
  • You adore that my programs and books are artsy, creative and have handwriting in them. Colours and rainbows and art make your little insides squee like unicorns on a sugar high!
  • You love the fact that I have such strong boundaries around abusive behaviour. You dig the fact that I fire clients who aren’t able to behave in appropriate, healthy ways. You dig that I have a B.S. clause in my life and business. These things don’t bother you at all because it wouldn’t even cross your mind to be abusive, negative or an asshole to either me, my staff or other Academy members. Your mission operative is to be as kind, supportive, joyful and loving as you can – and you love that that’s exactly the kind of environment we craft at the Academy.
  • You know how to get the support you need when you need it. You take responsibility for your mental, emotional and physical health. You own the fact that your buttons get pressed sometimes. You know how to work through those tough times. You know to utilise the service of professionals (therapists, doctors, acupuncturists, healers etc) when you need it.
  • You are money positive – in that you are okay with the idea of earning money and don’t harbour crappy attitudes about “greed” and “rich people”. If you do still have buttons about that, you own them and are actively working on them.
  • You’re NOT someone who has already done a heap of other programs that HAVEN’T worked for you. If that’s you, you’re not the right fit for the Academy or for working with me.
  • You understand that the Academy gives you access to my life’s library of work. This includes programs which are older and have lower quality video production than newer ones. The content still works, is powerful and has the backing of thousands of other clients who’ve used ’em and loved ’em.
  • You’re not a victim. You know that complaining gets you nowhere. You take responsibility for what you put out into the world. You know you are a conscious creator of your world.
  • You appreciate the value and generosity of the Academy, and that it offers more than any other membership site at this price. You get that it’s priced more affordably not because it is any less potent or valuable but because I want to share what I know with more people so that they can be empowered to create an amazing life + biz of their own.
  • You get that you are committing to the Academy without refund. You know it’s because I believe wholeheartedly in (and have the experience and testimonials to prove) that the resources in the Academy work powerfully when they are used and implemented. You know that the magic happens when YOU turn up to do the work. You know there are no excuses here for not moving forward with your life and business.

If the above list DOESN’T resonate with you, that’s totally cool + groovy. I wish you the very best in finding a program or mentor that IS a fabulous fit for you!

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denise-duffield-thomasNobody teaches business like Leonie. Not only is she freaking hilarious but she’s the real deal – a million dollar business gem who knows how to break down a complex business into easy-done steps. I took Leonie’s sales page advice to double my conversions for my Bootcamp – those tiny increments are worth thousands of dollars to me each month. Every page of the Double Your Biz program is worth gold dust. Print it out, tick it off and watch your business explode.

– Denise Duffield-Thomas, Author of ‘Get Rich, Lucky Bitch’

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katloterzoWow. Just… WOW! To be honest I thought I already knew pretty much everything Leonie had to teach me, having soaked up her every word and teaching over the last few years; even going back through all of the archives! But the *Double Your Biz* program has blown that theory out of the water! I was blown away at the level of depth, insight, and honesty within this program and SO damn excited at how easily I could see I’d be able to apply it to my business and make more money doing what I love! It’s rare in the somewhat overcrowded online market to come across a coach who works from a place of *absolute* passion and who continues to surprise you with ever-deeper and more powerful tools for change. I am so grateful to Leonie for being that person and so SO damn grateful to her for creating the amazing *Double Your Biz* program!

– Kat Loterzo, Women’s Fitness Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Mum and International Best-Selling Author Australia

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HibiscusMoonLeonie has managed to cover everything and anything you could possibly need to have your online biz simply go gang-busters!! Whether you never got your biz quite off and running or you’ve hit a plateau, or you just want to jump to a whole new level, there’s a plan or formula to follow in here to bust right on through. I really like having the case-studies right there to refer to along with the genius-unleashing-worksheets to customize the plan for my own sacred biz. The tips in here are invaluable… like super-secret Jedi blog-star gems that will boost you through to the next level! Even though I’ve had my online biz a while there is something here for EVERY biz owner to take away. Leonie never disappoints. I will always be a member in her Academy because I know each and every year she somehow finds a away to outdo herself & delver even more shining brilliance… every time.

– Hibiscus Moon, Author, Founder & Teacher

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Jenny FenigFrom blogging to sales pages to speaking from the stage to split testing and more, this program covered all you need to know to grow your business in an authentic, feel-good way (no matter what stage of biz you’re in). I love how Leonie freely shares case studies from her own business journey and gives tons of opportunities throughout the Double Your Biz program to play around with the concepts she wisely teaches. The love she has for this topic and for her tribe of creative visionaries runs deep. If you’re serious about growing your mission, movement and money through your beautiful business, get your hands on this program and follow Leonie’s sage advice. You’ll never look back.

– Jenny Fenig, Marketing + Soul Coach to Gutsy Entrepreneurs



JenniferLongmoreAs a seasoned entrepreneur and someone who has studied with many leaders in the industry, I can whole-heartedly endorse this program. Run, don’t walk to get your hands on Leonie’s wisdom!!! Her practical, hands-on program is loaded with step-by-step guidance on how to double your reach and double your income that makes it so easy to understand and easy-breezy to implement right away! I received many take-aways, including her super-simple formula to calculate cost-per-lead and A/B split-testing. That alone is worth the investment in the program. When you invest in this program, you’ll walk away with a step-by-step guide, tons of resources to accomplish your goals, and Leonie’s own case studies to show you exactly how she made major moolah in her heart-centred biz! No matter what level of business you are at, you NEED this program, and if you implement even just one formula you’ll be sure to make your investment back!

– Jennifer Longmore, North America’s Soul Purpose Expert CEO

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Chris ZydelLeonie Dawson is a genius at creating thriving communities where women can be supported, encouraged and inspired to grow and blossom and soar … both creatively and spiritually. But she is also a kick ass business woman who has created a gorgeous life doing the work she loves in a way that nourishes her on all levels. She is also BEYOND generous. In her most recent creation, DOUBLE YOUR BIZ, she pulls out ALL the stops and shares every last detail of what she knows about building a deeply meaningful and fulfilling but also wildly successful business on your own terms. She is a super smart, wonderfully wise and playful teacher and conveys complex information in a step-by-step format that makes everything feel doable and not overwhelming. And she is a TREASURE TROVE of information. I have been in business for over 35 years and I still learned a TON of incredibly useful stuff by working her program. DOUBLE YOUR BIZ is something I will keep coming back to again and again and again as a trusted resource as I continue to build my own creativity empire.

– Chris Zydel, Wild Heart Queen
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goldnuggets all icons There’s over 400 pages of ebooks, audios, videos + worksheets of PRACTICAL, actionable practices that will bring you results el pronto. You’ll get the low-down + behind-the-scenes of:

  • Find the right mix of online and offline hot spots to meet your peeps
  • Blogging secrets from my 10+ years
  • Easy to understand SEO strategies you can implement ASAP
  • Effective advertising campaigns
  • Becoming a social media ninja
  • Making the most out of any speaking gig
  • Networking that works for you
  • Become a mastermind pro + find your supporters
  • When, where and why to partner with another business
  • PLUS, case studies from my own business with exactly what’s worked for me doing teleseminars, live events, list building + more!
  • What will make your mailing list BOOM
  • Where to put your opt in box for maximum results
  • Opt in offers that people clamour to sign up for
  • Setting your freebie up to drive people to buy from you!
  • Testing, testing, testing… exactly how to do it and where to do it in your business to see big results!
  • PLUS, case studies with specific numbers from my own business
  • Everything you need to have a regular eZine or Newlsetter that your tribe LOVES and looks forward to receiving
  • Which systems to use to get your info out
  • What content to include
  • When and how often to send emails for maximum results
  • Optimize your selling skills
  • Double your sales with sales pages
  • Double your sales with effective launches
  • Double your sales with solo emails
  • Double your sales with teleseminars
  • Double your sales with testing
  • MORE TIPS on doubling your sales!
  • What Will Make You Phenomenally Successful + Add Zeros To Your Income
  • Get super productive
  • Create passive income
  • How to increase your profit regularly
  • How to eliminate the useless time-wasting tasks + only do the important shit!


You receive Amazing Biz and Life Academy membership free with Double Your Biz – giving you thousands of dollars of programs, resources + masterminds. You can click here to find out more about the Academy. And read even more Academy Success Stories here. You can sign up right now and get over $3500 of business and life changing programs (including this one!!!!) at a CWAZY tiny fraction of the cost. The Academy will give you the support, resources, coaching + mastermind you need to double your biz + your joy!



What You’ll Get Normal Price Included in Membership?
Double Your Biz intensive program (worth $1999.97)
E-course groups every month (worth $199.95)
Business Goddess e-course (worth $79)
Creative Goddess e-course (worth $89)
How To Hire, Keep + Grow A Shining Six Figure Team (worth $150)
Leonie’s Business Rolodex (worth $49)
Academy Recommended Reading (worth $49)
Radiant Goddess E-Course (worth $89)
Create Your Goddess Haven E-Course (worth $89)
Divine Dreaming Meditation Kit (worth $49.95)
Releasing Fears Meditation Kit (worth $49.95)
Chakra Healing Meditation Kit (worth $49.95)
Holy Dinger Uber Deep Zennifying Meditation Kit (worth $24.95)
Sacred Space Clearing Kit (worth $39)
2014 Create Your Amazing Year Workbook, Planner & Calendar: Life Edition (worth $9.95)
Upcoming 2015 Create Your Amazing Year Workbook, Planner & Calendar: Life Edition (worth $9.95)
Creating With Kids video workshop (worth $21)
Access to the Amazing Biz and Life Mastermind (worth $199.95)
BONUS new programs in manifesting, meditation + more to be released! (worth $250+)
SURPRISE BONUSES! (worth $339)
INVESTMENT…………….. Valued at: $3855.55….. Only $497USD A HUGE SAVINGS OF $3656.55!


Your Academy membership includes not only the Double Your Biz intensive program, but a huge range of my popular e-courses, workbooks, kits and meditations to fully develop your own shining life and business. You’ll also get a full year’s access to the Academy mastermind and more bonus biz + life programs over the next year!
Annual Membership $497 USD per year Please note our refund policy before purchase.


Other Purchase Options


I am SO honoured to be here… and would be utterly delighted to help you on your beautiful journey. I would so deeply love to help you double your business, and help more people in the world with your incredible gifts.

All the love in the world (and SO MUCH more!!!)

Love Leonie Circle

P.S. Ready to make an investment and a LEAP into your dreams? What are you waiting for, possum? Join us!


devashiPrior to the Biz & Life Academy I was unsure where to start and felt a bit daunted by the super-polished professionals I was learning from. As someone who previously identified with being a spiritual devotee and not really a business owner, Leonie has been a bridge for me to see that I could do it my way, in MY style. I’ve gone from serving my clients in a way that was sacrificing my personal well-being and bank account, to finally getting it, that me making money and putting my life first is THE best possible way to truly be of service. Although I already ‘knew’ that, Leonie’s living example of it helped enormously to create it for myself. Basically I could relate to Leonie more than any other business mentor I had ever met or invested in learning from. And for me, that made all the difference. I absolutely love Leonie’s transparent & fun Aussie style. She has inspired me to start where I am & follow my own rules, while working with the most effective & authentic marketing tools used by the best. I’ve found that I too could have the financial independence I wanted + WAY sooner than I thought. The Academy gave me the confidence to:

  • enjoy more financial independence
  • work only a few hours per day
  • get serious about being a business owner without compromising my spiritual values
  • deepen my spiritual sovereignty by knowing my money numbers
  • & getting it in my bones that I don’t have to choose between a career and being a mother – that I can have it all!

My financial investment in the Biz & Life Academy was recovered very quickly & I know it will constantly keep giving. Leonie is a progressive female entrepreneur who will always be ahead of the game in her own unique way – I want to make sure to stay in touch with what she’s got to share. With Leonie’s guidance I feel confident in exactly what to do next, which has killed the inertia of overwhelm and given me fresh energy to proceed with living my dreams. That freshness brings more authenticity, creativity, motivation & inspiration to bust through all limitations. Now I’m right here with her, riding that wild donkey!

– Dévashi Shakti, Founder of Tigress Yoga Melbourne, Australia


krisosterI had no idea how powerful it would be to connect with such a big and savvy group of women entrepreneurs ONLINE. Here are some of the AMAZING results I’ve experienced after becoming an Academy Member:

  • Tripled my social media numbers + Subscriber Stats: Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Newsletter Subscribers (22% of my list are members of this circle!).
  • Increased my income by $15,000/year!
  • Increased confidence to expand and try new offerings and marketing strategies in my biz.
  • Spending a lot more time with my daughter because I’m a lot more efficient.
  • Learned about time-saving productivity tools so I can travel more, have FUN and RELAX!
  • Feel so supported by the thousands of soulful women in the Academy

I also have learned how to collaborate in successful joint ventures, hosted my first Twitter party and have launched a successful coaching practice . I never would have had the courage to even try any of these projects without the guidance of the business courses in the Academy and support, love + enthusiasm of my Academy cohorts. The value of what I’ve received far outweighs the annual cost of my membership! I’m in deep gratitude. Thank you Leonie!

– Kris Oster, PhD Santa Barbara CA, USA


jianiteoLeonie’s Amazing Life + Biz Academy has profoundly changed my life in so many ways. I’ve went from lost and uncertain about my direction and purpose to stepping into my goddess self and being of higher service to the world. Today, I confidently shine my beautiful light, use my gifts to empower others, and change my clients’ lives for the better. I started with a huge vision and divine inspiration in my mind, but I had NO IDEA how to birth it into physical form. Thank goodness for Leonie’s business programs, I was guided step by step. And this has generated me thousands and thousands of dollars (and keeps doing so). With that, I left my soul sucking job, and started my own business. Thus, I embarked on my path to fulfilling my soul’s purpose. I even found my soul sisters and many clients through the academy. No longer do I feel like I do not belong, lost, and not understood. So many wonderful Earth angels and lightworkers gather here, those who resonate with me and my message. Thanks to the Academy, some are now my most cherished friends, mastermind buddies, and beloved clients. This has been worth its weight in GOLD. Having Leonie’s Academy in my success library has raised my vibration so much. I have been lifted up into my goddess and divine feminine. I now experience ease, flow, and elegance that I’ve only dreamed of in the past. I can’t even begin to express how important this is to me. I have learned so much from Leonie that I now implement into my daily life. I also teach these tools to my clients to raise their vibrations and step into their manifest abundance … the results are profound. And all this was just within 6 months of joining the academy. I can’t even imagine what will happen in a year’s time! I’m delighted, and I highly recommend Leonie’s Academy to everyone. As long as you have a gift, a message, a gorgeous light that you are yearning to share with the world — jump onboard. Witness the miracles unfold as they will, quickly and elegantly.

– Jia Ni Teo, Body Transformation + Soul Abundance Coach Perth, Western Australia


I like that the Amazing Biz & Life Academy is a place where I can get information and I can participate as much or as little as I want. I have “girl friends” to do the courses with, but I can also go at my own pace. It’s a place of support in any way that I want, all I have to do is say in what form I would like that support. It’s a very no-pressure type of place. I’ve made more money in the past two months than I ever have and my business has increased, haha! Thank you, Leonie, for your gentle support and beautiful nature. This community and all of the goodies in it are a great gift.

– Elisa, business owner United States of America


donnaBefore I joined the Academy I’d been in business for 8 years, and I’d stalled. I was running out of energy, inspiration and focus. Joining the Academy has re-ignited my enthusiasm for my life and my business, helped me figure out exactly where I want my business to go next, pinpoint what action I need to take next, and helped me get cracking on the things I want to create. After 6 months of membership, I am more positive, more creative, more connected to my inner self AND I have more fun! I’ve found a group of people who are helpful, supportive, and lovely, which has helped me not feel so ‘alone’ as a self-employed woman working from home. I’ve grown my mailing list, and finally got around to taking several actions that are already making a big difference to my business. I’ve gotten moving on the products I’ve been wanting to create for the past 3 years – one will be finished next week, another is about a month out, and I have another 6 in the pipeline… plus I know I will do them this year too, thanks to the tools and inspiration in the Academy. There is so much to enjoy in the Academy, so much to learn, and it’s the most fun and inspirational group I’ve ever joined.

– Donna Solihull, UK


danielledoveBefore joining I was a new mom and felt lonely at home without my usual work related connection to other women. I had been receiving Leonie’s emails but it wasn’t until I also became a mother that I felt it was time to join the Academy and learn to manage both mommyhood and a lightworker career, which Leonie has done so beautifully. Joining the Academy and taking Leonie’s courses gave me new wings to be myself as a creative intuitive. I now feel more confident to draw, paint and hand write my ebooks and workbooks and share them with the world. I have ridden so many wild donkeys and created so many things since joining the Academy! The dream that came true for me was holding a retreat in Hawaii with 11 other women. That was a beautiful dream come true and my second dream come true is to have created a Beloved Twinflame e-course. The Academy and Leonie have shown me that it’s possible to be a stay at home mom working (creating) 2 or 3 days a week with baby playing near by or at a play date and still have a profitable online business. I have increased my mailing list subscribers, focused more on marketing than ever before, created online courses and written 4 e-Books. Most importantly I feel that I found a tribe of women in the Academy who are worth a gazillion bucks! They are heart centered, driven, clearly focused powerhouses who give creative and useful feedback. I am in awe how Leonie brings us all together.

– Danielle Dove, Energy Linguist + Life Shifter + Intuitive Powerhouse


tanjagardnerWhen I first joined Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz and Life Academy (back in its Goddess Circle days), I was still just thinking about setting up my own business. I had no idea what I was doing, or the direction I needed to take. I knew I wanted to create a spiritual, integrity-filled copywriting business that actually *made money*, and I knew that I wanted to support difference-makers by helping them to get their message out to their clients. But the how of it all? I was totally, completely, 100% lost! I ended up joining the Academy specifically for Leonie’s business courses. I used many of the principles I learned in it to launch my copywriting business part-time in January 2012. Since then, I’ve redone the course a few times (for free because of my membership) since then, each time getting something new out of it. Plus, the support, encouragement and community I’ve received from other goddesses in the forums have been a lifeline for me! In the 14-odd months since I joined the Academy, I’ve:

  • Quit my day job
  • Taken my business fulltime
  • Raised my rates twice
  • Worked with some truly awesome clients from around the world!
  • Increased my mailing list

I rave like a fanatic every time I mention Leonie’s business programs… Signing up for it was, quite simply, the best decision I ever made for my business. And I’ll happily say so – repeatedly – to anyone and everyone who’ll listen! I suspect it’s been a huge part of what’s made my business. I will be forever grateful to Leonie for the amazing community she’s set up, and the effect it’s had on my business and my life. I’ve recommended it – repeatedly – to my tribe, and can’t imagine EVER giving up my membership now!

Tanja Gardner, Copywriter New Zealand


janifranckI joined the Academy just two months ago and wanted to send a list of the practical outcomes for me and my business from it: 1) Increased twitter followers TENFOLD for The Art House and on my own twitter. 2) Identified ways in which we were undercharging, which means that our business income is growing weekly WITHOUT having to do more work! Following Leonie’s excellent advice about not leaving money ‘on the table’ and not being afraid to ask for money :) 3) Increased our Facebook presence and ‘got smart’ on how we communicate with people on social media, so that we spend less time doing it. 4) Rethought all of our marketing so that we’ve stopped trying to market to everyone and are focussing just on our own ‘tribe’. 5) Installed a no BS clause for our business, so that we are no longer dragged down by negative feedback – we’ve made a distinction between useful feedback and BS and it’s been so liberating. 6) On a personal note, I feel invigorated and inspired, which is feeding through to the business and means I am enjoying it all a lot more than I was before. 7) I’d never even considered doing ecourses and had pretty much given up my teaching due to time constraints, now I’m designing my first ecourse with plans for many more, so that I can do what I love, make money and still have time for everything else! THANK YOU Leonie, from the bottom of my heart!

– Jani Franck &


laurapankokeAt first I thought that my membership in the Academy would just help me to connect with Spirit, and make my other life- the corporate world – a bit more palatable. But what I found instead was the support, inspiration and tools to help me live the exact, aligned life I want. I have been able to identify my strengths and unique gifts through the courage and confidence the Academy has given me. In just a few months I put concrete plans around a shiny new business idea. With the help of Leonie’s Business Programs in the Academy, I made myself a website, sorted out my online payment system, started a newsletter and I was in business! I am now just finishing up my second official month of Laura Pankoke Planning, and I have not only met but EXCEEDED my sales target. I have TRIPLED my mailing list. I have made some amazing Mastermind connections within the Academy, and have two joint partner programs in development as a result. The greatest dream to have come true as a result of my Academy membership: I found my purpose. Thank you Leonie for showing me how to have a shiny, balanced, juicy life! I am so excited to live it!

– Laura Pankoke, Dream Strategist Melbourne, Australia


bethmoreyI’ve been a member of Leonie’s community since 2011. What drew me in was, frankly, all the color. She seemed to be living so vibrantly, with so much exquisite turquoise, and I wanted in. Since joining, I have slowly been soaking up all of Leonie’s delicious offerings. My favorite resource by far is the Business Goddess course, with the amazing Incredible Year and Biz workbooks taking a close second. I have been using both to steadily build my online business and presence. Since joining The Amazing Biz and Life Academy, I have opened my own healing art shop on Etsy and am yearly seeing exponentially more sales (In 2013, I made all of what I made in 2012 in just the first month!). I have also written and published my first book, Life After Eating Disorder. I have grown my blog and social media presence exponentially as well. I love the community at The Amazing Biz and Life Academy as well. The members have been very helpful to me as I grow my business, always ready and willing to offer advice, critique, and encouragement. More importantly, since joining the Amazing Biz and Life Academy I am becoming braver and bolder in my own life. I am inhabiting this beautiful skin I’ve been given more and more fully, and continue to be inspired by Leonie’s drive, creativity, and spirit. Thanks to her programs & workbooks, I feel like I am living more deliberately, and meeting my goals! Thank you so much, Leonie!

– Beth Morey Big Sky Country, USA


nicolebrownI joined Leonie’s Amazing Biz and Life Academy as an early birthday present to myself and it was the BEST present, as it is the gift that just keeps on giving. My business has gone from wishing and hoping to beautifully lucrative in only a few short months. Leonie’s business courses along with her Amazing Year Workbooks are second to none for anyone wanting to take control of their own business, while tapping into the pure joy of life. Since joining the Academy, I am more confident in my natural abilities to help others reach their true potential and the Amazing Biz & Life Academy has allowed my own light to shine strongly and proudly. I wholeheartedly believe that the Amazing Biz & Life Academy saved not only my business but my social life as I have met so many incredible creative, spiritual & wonderful people to share my success with, as well as ask advice of. If you are feeling in need of a sacred, compassionate, loving online haven, which nurtures your personal and business energies the Amazing Biz & Life Academy is for you!

– Nicole Suzanne Brown, CEO & Editor


VictoriaDFirst of all! Thank you!!!!! I LOVE how genuine and freaking inspiring Leonie is. And I LOVE her e-courses and workbooks – such sage advice… The directions, explanations, the personal stories… the artwork. The community!! I don’t even know where to start with praise and accolades… The Academy is like a soul-nourishing sustainable natural resource… Yes, indeed!! I have to say I already feel a huge surge of self confidence since signing up – and I’m still a “newbie”!! Love it!!! And yet there’s more to say!! So much more I don’t know if these written words can capture it all – but I’ll try. Yes, the Academy has been life changing – my attitude, my perception, my ability to feel free to be me and to shine! Amazingly enough – and along with this freedom – the biz e-courses (love love love) and the Amazing Year Workbook are helping me become more professional in the way I manage my online business. The combination of creativity with professionalism is like music to my ears. Beautiful music! It’s brimming with excellent information I hadn’t heard before and I was able to apply right away. I’m able to communicate more efficiently and consciously – with more heart. I noticed a difference in my customer’s enthusiasm and interactions. What a difference! It seemed as though my batik artwork and biz became magnetic almost immediately… Did I mention how much I love this sweet Amazing Biz and Life Academy? I love the community, I love the activity… I’m so happy I joined. And I must take note of the ABUNDANT amount of content available – for the value! Wow. More than once I was so blown away I had to put my laptop down and walk around, just to process how happy I was. I feel so lucky to have found Leonie and the Academy! A business and art lifesaver… I am so grateful.

– Victoria Dresdner, Batik Clothing Artist Eugene, Oregon, USA

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“I doubled my list just a week after implementing her strategies.”

Working with Leonie brought clarity, focus and direction to my business. She helped me refine my niche, which in today’s competitive market, is essential for sustainability and growth. Leonie helped me create a clear marketing plan with several concrete action steps to take. I doubled my list just a week after implementing her strategies. I recommend working with Leonie to anyone serious about taking their business to the next level. Her experience, wisdom, humor, and insights have given me the confidence and techniques I needed to grow my business to where I’ve always envisioned it to be. Thanks Leonie, you are a gem!

– Carrie Hensley


daniellecLeonie’s business programs are FULL of wonderful information that gives you everything you would ever need to know about starting and growing a business online. She takes all the scary out of it and makes it accessible and fun — the same way she does everything. For any women out there who have been thinking about starting a business online or taking your biz to the next level and are overwhelmed with all the information out there… Leonie’s programs are for you. I’ve read a LOT about online business over the years and Leonie’s work is tops. Highly recommended.

– Dr. Danielle Cornelius, chiropractor United States of America


Your Academy membership includes not only the Double Your Biz intensive program, but a huge range of my popular e-courses, workbooks, kits and meditations to fully develop your own shining life and business. You’ll also get a full year’s access to the Academy mastermind and more bonus biz + life programs over the next year!


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