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Releasing Fears Meditation

Releasing Fears Meditation Kit

Hola Gorgeous Souls,

I’m so excited to share this meditation with you!

This meditation is a powerful meditation to use whenever you are feeling stuck, lost or down from any fears you may have.

It’s time to let go of any fears you may have… fears that are holding you back from shining and being your magnificent goddess self… time to be free… and time to shine as the goddess you are.

The Releasing Fears Meditation

The Releasing Fears meditation is a 20 minute long audio MP3. The gifts you’ll get from using it?

  • You will feel stronger, clearer and more courageous
  • You’ll feel less stuck by your fears
  • You will feel freer to shine and chase your big, beautiful dreams
  • You will connected to the huge amount of support to help you on your path.

What makes it work so beautifully?

The meditation uses some of my really powerful tools to help you release your fears.

In this meditation, you will meet the courageous Goddess Kali, who will help you face and release your fears. The Goddess Kali will become your ally and guide as you find the courage, guidance and support to let you transform and release your fears.

You will leave the meditation feeling revitalised, stronger and much, much freer.


I like to make my meditations into lovely kits to help support your gorgeous journey, and make it even more powerful for you.

A Releasing Fears mini-workbook

Yay! This hand-written, hand-illustrated, gorgeously coloured mini workbook will give you two pages of hints on working to release your fears, and two worksheets to help you find the wisdom, lessons and blessings in your fears. A beautiful way to round out your Releasing Fears experience!

About your Releasing Fears guide…


Leonie Dawson is a mentor to women wanting to create + grow massively successful and heart-centered creative + soulful businesses. She is also an author, retreat leader, visual artist, mama and guide for the 33 000+ women who receive her free “AMAZING BIZ + AMAZING LIFE” eZine each week.

Purposeful, passionate & unendingly prolific, Leonie has written two books, released dozens of online programs, run retreats and sacred women’s circles, held a solo art exhibition, and created the Amazing Biz and Life Academy. She has guided thousands of women to transform their businesses and lives. In the process, she has half million dollar a year company that doubles in size each year and helps thousands of women every single year. Her mission is to help as many earth angels – women with creative or spiritual gifts – to have profoundly profitable businesses so they may nourish themselves and heal the world.

Leonie has taught alongside such luminaries as Arielle Ford, Julia Cameron, Gay Hendricks and SARK. Her client list includes successful shining women such as Rolling Stone Woman of the Year, singer-songwriter & “Offspring” actress Clare Bowditch to Australia’s Fat Loss Queen Kat Loterzo, master manifesting coach Denise Duffield-Thomas and best-selling author & crystal healing mega star Stephanie Hibiscus Moon.

Her strategic musings and practical wisdom have been featured on Problogger, Tiny Buddha, magazines like Spellcraft, Life Images, Goddess and Spheres, and in three of SARK’s best-selling books on creative fulfillment & freedom.

Leonie has walked labyrinths in the moonlight, wept atop mountains in the middle of a storm, danced with a baby in an old cow shed as a Filipino tribal chief sang, and once married herself in a public commitment ceremony — witnessed by goddess maidens of honor that she’d met on the Internet.

Leonie is the former editor of United Nations-award winning business website, and has previously worked in Minister’s Offices at Australian Parliament House. Leonie was formerly a top-achieving economics + art history student at Australian National University before dropping out to become a successful artist.

In short: I’m a former cubicle-bunny-and-frustrated-artist turned successful-and-ridunkulously-happy-soul-centered-entrepreneur!

So what can you expect from me as your meditation guide?

I’ve been creating meditations for healing and transformation during my retreats and e-courses, and know just how much other women have been touched, affected and healed by them. I’m so excited to now be sharing them as e-kits that can be accessed whenever you need them!

What other women say about my meditations…

“I love my Releasing Fears meditation & have used it many times! I know that you get this a lot, but your voice really is divine, something about it just goes straight into my mind. You have a gift!”
– Faith
“In short, buying your meditation was the best money I’d spent in some time.”– Rebekah

“Thank you for your beautiful meditations. I am currently working with releasing fears, and you will be pleased to know changes have already happened, empowering or what! I’m realising that releasing fears is all about empowerment. I love your voice on the meditations – so soothing and releasing.”
– Emma
“This meditation was an extremely powerful experience for me. This week I had decided that I wanted to heal a long-standing hurt I had – we’re talking years of self-hurt here! During the meditation I felt I went ‘deeper’ into my wisdom and I felt this nurturing warmth spread throughout my body.Oh my goddess, when I touched hands with my healing goddess, I felt tingling start from the tips of my toes, slowly creep up through my body – it felt… MAGICAL! I really did feel that she was reaching into the deepest depths of my hurt and smoothing on balm, telling me it was ‘ok’ to have been hurt, to have carried this hurt for so long and that there was love inside me.

Immediately after the meditation I felt much calmer than I had beforehand. This work is so deeply nourishing on a soul level – I can’t begin to thank you for helping me find this path of ‘self’. When I think about the meditation, I feel unconditional love, calmness and serenity and a sense of knowing myself.”

– M.K.


“Leonie Dawson is a gifted goddess and illuminated creator.

I happily recommend her and her lilting work.”

Best-selling author of “Succulent Wild Woman”, “Eat Mangoes Naked”, “Make Your Creative Dreams Real”, “Prosperity Pie” and 11 other books!

“Your meditation was the best I have ever experienced. I wish I could wake up to your meditations every morning.”– Goddess Melanie

“I did the releasing fears meditation yesterday and WOW! It helped me heal old pain and issues, and it reminded me that I can ask for guidance and trust myself, my intuition. I do not need someone else to tell me what my heart and my spirit require. Thank you for these gifts & these lessons.”– L.D.

Chris Zydel“Oh my goodness, but this is a GORGEOUS, gorgeous mediation journey. Leonie’s voice is just so deeply soulful and peacefully calming. Listening to this you feel such an amazing quality of love come pouring out of her like sweet golden honey on your tired and aching soul. I swear that I could listen to her read the phone book and my heart would just fly open.The feeling of tender holding that she invokes with her sacred and holy imagery and the amazing background music of chimes and bells and singing bowls was so stunningly beautiful and heart-felt it made me cry. It gets inside of you. And I just felt safe. And soothed. And cradled in a silky soft blanket of angel feather down, like I was in the arms of a big, sweet mama goddess who loved me unconditionally. You owe it to yourself to have this in your collection of highly effective and healing self care tools and techniques.”

– Chris Zydel, Expressive Arts Teacher & Retreat Creator

brandireynolds“The thing that stood out for me while listening to this meditation was feeling complete safety.I felt like I was wrapped in a womb of comfort.

This meditation is very professional, very kind and very soothing.”

– Brandi Reynolds, Artist, Photographer & Joy Rebel


“Leonie Dawson is an amazing artist, spiritual teacher and goddess woman.

She’s inspiring, wise, kind and oh-so-talented!”

– Lucy Cavendish
Hay House author + oracle card creator
Author of “Oracle Tarot”, “Oracle of the DragonFae”, “Lost Lands”, “Faery Magic”, “Mermaid Magic”, “White Magic” and more!

Get the Meditation Kit…

Releasing Fears Meditation Kit

The Releasing Fears Kit has the 20 minute Releasing Fears Meditation MP3 and the Releasing Fears notes & worksheets mini e-book.


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If this is the right thing for you, right now, I so deeply hope this meditation helps you feel freer and more radiant… and ready to shine as the goddess you are.

To the amazing, wise, precious, shining Goddess in you.

big love,

Leonie Dawson