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Six Figure Team System: How To Hire, Grow + Keep A Shining Six Figure Team!



The complete system on how to hire, grow + keep your own shining six figure team to supercharge your business growth, free up your time + sanity, and create more ease, joy, support + abundance in your life and biz!

This program will save you time, money + endless hiring mistakes as you learn exactly the system + templates I use in creating my own exceptional half-million-dollar-a-year business team.

Let’s face it – a certain point, you’ll become the bottleneck in your business – you’re not able to grow your business because you are out of time, energy + sanity. It’s so, so deeply important you find the right people to support you on your team. I’m going to share with you all the exact details about when to hire, who to hire, how to hire without making mistakes, how to develop + grow your team so they become truly exceptional + how to keep them forever.

And you know I’m an open book, so I’ll share with you the intimate details that many other business owners won’t – all for the purpose of helping you grow your own beautiful business as quickly + joyfully as possible. This guide will help you create an amazing team, supercharge your business growth + bring you so much more joy, love + support into your life. It will enable your business to grow that much faster, easier + more powerfully!


susansealeI wish I had had this kind of information available when I opened my music and movement school 20 years ago. I was working so hard and had no idea how to hire and made gazillions of mistakes. I have so much forgiveness still to complete for myself around those years because even though the school was a success in every way except in terms of me having any downtime, I just worked myself to the bone. While I had the longing, I didn’t even have the thought that it could be easier.

Leonie, what you are providing is invaluable. It goes waaaaay beyond a biz book from Amazon. It is the love, the compassion, the joy, the encouragement from you that you somehow are able to communicate thru your incredibly beautiful programs AND the AMAZING community that you have created that brings hope and life to me and I imagine everyone here.

You have a rare gift to uplift.

I feel so grateful to have fallen upon you and your site at a time when I was feeling very alone. I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my life but never had the experience of being in the company of like-minded people in business. The young women here in the Academy may have no idea how fortunate they are.

And you definitely could sell your program for thousands. And yet you are making these things available at a cost quite literally anyone could afford.

– Susan Seale
Music and movement specialist

Why it’s so so important for you to have a shining six figure team:


  • you’ll gain more time + headspace back
  • your business will be run better than ever
  • your customer service will improve out the wazoo!
  • your business will no longer be bottlenecked + instead will be supercharged to grow
  • you’ll allow even more ease, joy + abundance into your life!

You’ll find it useful whether you:

  • are just thinking of hiring your first VA
  • already have an online team that you want to make more productive + easier to manage
  • have on-the-ground staff.


faithEven though I haven’t even hired my first person yet, I still found massive value in Leonie’s Shining Six Figure Team Program. This course has answered a zillion questions that I didn’t even know I had, and it’s given me tons of great ideas for habits & systems I can implement NOW to make things easier for everyone when I do hire a team. I love Leonie’s no-holds-barred approach – she doesn’t shy away from sharing anything about her own struggles & challenges. It’s incredibly confidence-building to hear such a successful entrepreneur admit her own fears & mistakes, and the lessons she’s learned.

I was super impressed with the quality of the Shining Six Figure Team Program, and the bonus resources that come with it are amazing – I can’t imagine that there’s any stone left unturned here! I feel totally confident now in all aspects related to figuring out what I’ll need in a support team, where & how to find them, how to work together in a mutually beneficial way, how to handle any challenges that arise, and how to make sure my team knows how much they are valued & appreciated. This program is an amazing resource that I know I’ll return to over & over again. To anyone considering this program, or any of Leonie’s offerings – you will not regret investing in yourself here!

It’s actually inspired me so much that I’ve now set a goal to take my business to the level where I’ll need to have my first assistant in place later this year! Huge thanks to you Leonie, and your wonderful team!

-Nahanni Faith Hartwood
Intuitive Reader & Mentor

In this guide I’m going to be teaching you:


  • exactly how to supercharge your business by hiring a fantastic team
  • how to find exactly the right person for you
  • stop endless frustrations + management headaches
  • how to quickly, smartly + compassionately fix a hiring mistake
  • the do’s + don’ts of hiring, firing + keeping your team
  • how to keep your team working amazingly
  • the common misconceptions around hiring that are holding you + your business back
  • and how to keep your amazing staff forever!


evarawposaFunny, if I’d hired the right team and kept them my business would have been well into six figures last year, but it’s only this year that’s happening. I’m in the process now of rehiring and am using this package as a great inspiration. What an amazing blessing and great timing this is!!!!!!! I’ve lost tens of thousands of dollars thanks to poor hiring decisions, so $150 for this program feels like a steal!! AWESOME!!!!

– Eva Rawposa
Raw Food Teacher

What’s included in this powerful guide

  • uber helpful worksheets + templates for you
  • the questionnaire you should be handing out to every employee
  • template of a sample job advertisement to save you time
  • worksheet to pinpoint your perfect support person the first time around
  • the all-important hiring checklist: what you should be doing every single time you hire to find an excellent fit
  • a detailed menu of skills you should choose from before you hire (so often we forget important pieces of exactly what we need – this menu will eradicate that!)


blissmamaBefore I got this program, I felt so worried that hiring more help would just complicate things, detach me too much from my beloved clients and give off a snooty impression. But all my worries were allayed and comforted – every single word in this program dripped with practical advice from someone who hasn’t just been there but has flourished. The Shining Six Figure Team Guide really taught me the key principle to growing my business by hiring added support. Every piece of the puzzle – on seeking, hiring and keeping this sacred help was invaluable and brilliant to me. The next day after hearing this, I’m now in the final stages of welcoming in a third member to Team Bliss! I feel so confident in taking this big step because of the Team Guide and know now that I have the resources in my entrepreneurial tool kit to have it go as smooth as possible. Many heart-gushing thanks to you Leonie and to your wonderful Shining Six Figure Team Guide I feel unstoppable now!

– Kathy Stowell, bliss and simplicity coach

You’ll also get behind-the-scenes insider info that you won’t get elsewhere!


  • I’ll be more honest + open book with you than anyone else out there. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes insight into exactly how I’ve built my team + my business.
  • You’ll find out the exact system I use to get brilliant, compassionate, smart + exceptional people on my team.
  • I’ll share the massive hiring mistakes I’ve made, and how I make sure I won’t make them again.
  • You’ll find out exactly how my team works (including money!)
  • I’ll share exactly how I’ve made my employees love working with me so much they say “I don’t want to leave you ever ever ever!”
  • You’ll also discover how to make your team more productive, smart, empowered + brilliant workers.

Value: $150

The “How to Hire, Grow + Keep A Shining Six Figure Team” Guide is available exclusively to Academy members. Join now to get yours!

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